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  1. [quote name='emo' timestamp='1366733876' post='6900533'] I am happy to report back that my local store manager informed me that a replacement shaft is on the way all is good. [/quote] Atta boy (or girl)!!! Only RIGHT thing to do. Then I'd go back and give the yey hoos at the store the what for.
  2. [quote name='harold baines' timestamp='1366642420' post='6892867'] where'd you buy the shaft in the first place? golfsmith would have a lot more reason to help you if you bought the shaft there if you bought an expensive shaft elsewhere, then took it to GS to work on.... that's like taking a Porsche to Jiffy lube and trying to get a new car when jiffy lube screwed up an oil change........ [/quote] That's not even in the same universe as a comparison.
  3. Negative is warranted, neutral at best. Looks like a bold keyboard liar to me.
  4. [quote name='Grim' timestamp='1366851069' post='6912007'] Own it, love it. Point and shoot. [/quote] Wish I had a dollar for every driver I've owned that I heard that about.
  5. [quote name='kjsherer' timestamp='1366398779' post='6879291'] One inch longer and I would have jumped. GLWS. [/quote] So add an inch.
  6. [quote name='kylebray' timestamp='1365865204' post='6830319'] wtf just happened? guys tells his story about a mistake he made, which he made right as soon as possible. and the haters jump in and start assuming facts and talk BS. to the OP, good on you. s*** happens. and you did everything you could to make things right. to the haters, im amazed you dragged yourself away from the "tiger is the worst person to ever step onto a golf course" thread to give this guy a hard time... get a life [/quote] And a BIG +1 to that!
  7. I played with them after I closed the ad I did take them out to the course since they were still the irons that I play with sorry, the only FACTS I'm using, are the ones YOU have provided. I certainly don't blame you for wanting to close this thread though. In the end, it sounds like it worked out est for all involved. You get to keep a set of irons you still play, and the "DEAL or NO DEAL" section doesn't have a new "I didn't get what I was supposed to get" thread.
  8. [quote name='harold baines' timestamp='1365458040' post='6788201'] get about 8 or 9 more skymarks on there are you won't even care anymore [/quote] LOL! A few coats of Liquid Glass would've helped.
  9. It's bull sh*t, that's what it is.
  10. These are the same shafts that VJ won the 2008 FedEx Cup with. They have 1 round and 1 range session on them. Very forgiving irons. The Approximate Iron Specifications are as below: 3 Iron: 20 degree/ 3 iron/241.7 grm 4 Iron: 23 degree/ 4 iron/248.7 grm 5 Iron: 26 degree/ 5 iron/256.4 grm 6 Iron: 30 degree/ 6 iron/262.8 grm 7 Iron: 34 degree/ 7 iron/269.4 grm 8 Iron: 38 degree/ 8 iron/279.3 grm 9 Iron: 42 degree/ 9 iron/281.4 grm PW: 46 degree/ pw iron/292.4 grm More info here: http://www.marketwir...yers-685950.htm I was also told these shafts were frequency matched, but don't know that for a fact. $150 shipped 3&4 6 iron 9 iron PW
  11. [quote name='hereisnowhy' timestamp='1365642036' post='6806365'] [quote name='stuway' timestamp='1365576603' post='6798803'] Anyone have any comparisons to the forgiveness of the Srixon z star irons?? I've hit about everything but these. Can't find them anywhere. I'm a 15 capper, but a pretty good ball striker, can I handle these??? What are Srixons most forgiving irons, sans the GIE. Those are to rich for my blood. Any info is appreciated. [/quote] The Z-Stars are for sale at a Close Out Outlet near my house, like Big Lots, not a golf shop. ... i have a set of them as backups, beautiful clubs. [/quote] HEY NEIGHBOR!!! Tell me where and how much??? Please!
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