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  1. [quote name='emo' timestamp='1366733876' post='6900533'] I am happy to report back that my local store manager informed me that a replacement shaft is on the way all is good. [/quote] Atta boy (or girl)!!! Only RIGHT thing to do. Then I'd go back and give the yey hoos at the store the what for.
  2. [quote name='harold baines' timestamp='1366642420' post='6892867'] where'd you buy the shaft in the first place? golfsmith would have a lot more reason to help you if you bought the shaft there if you bought an expensive shaft elsewhere, then took it to GS to work on.... that's like taking a Porsche to Jiffy lube and trying to get a new car when jiffy lube screwed up an oil change........ [/quote] That's not even in the same universe as a comparison.
  3. Negative is warranted, neutral at best. Looks like a bold keyboard liar to me.
  4. [quote name='Grim' timestamp='1366851069' post='6912007'] Own it, love it. Point and shoot. [/quote] Wish I had a dollar for every driver I've owned that I heard that about.
  5. [quote name='kjsherer' timestamp='1366398779' post='6879291'] One inch longer and I would have jumped. GLWS. [/quote] So add an inch.
  6. [quote name='kylebray' timestamp='1365865204' post='6830319'] wtf just happened? guys tells his story about a mistake he made, which he made right as soon as possible. and the haters jump in and start assuming facts and talk BS. to the OP, good on you. s*** happens. and you did everything you could to make things right. to the haters, im amazed you dragged yourself away from the "tiger is the worst person to ever step onto a golf course" thread to give this guy a hard time... get a life [/quote] And a BIG +1 to that!
  7. I played with them after I closed the ad I did take them out to the course since they were still the irons that I play with sorry, the only FACTS I'm using, are the ones YOU have provided. I certainly don't blame you for wanting to close this thread though. In the end, it sounds like it worked out est for all involved. You get to keep a set of irons you still play, and the "DEAL or NO DEAL" section doesn't have a new "I didn't get what I was supposed to get" thread.
  8. [quote name='harold baines' timestamp='1365458040' post='6788201'] get about 8 or 9 more skymarks on there are you won't even care anymore [/quote] LOL! A few coats of Liquid Glass would've helped.
  9. It's bull sh*t, that's what it is.
  10. These are the same shafts that VJ won the 2008 FedEx Cup with. They have 1 round and 1 range session on them. Very forgiving irons. The Approximate Iron Specifications are as below: 3 Iron: 20 degree/ 3 iron/241.7 grm 4 Iron: 23 degree/ 4 iron/248.7 grm 5 Iron: 26 degree/ 5 iron/256.4 grm 6 Iron: 30 degree/ 6 iron/262.8 grm 7 Iron: 34 degree/ 7 iron/269.4 grm 8 Iron: 38 degree/ 8 iron/279.3 grm 9 Iron: 42 degree/ 9 iron/281.4 grm PW: 46 degree/ pw iron/292.4 grm More info here: http://www.marketwir...yers-685950.htm I was also told these shafts were frequency matched, but don't know that for a fact. $150 shipped 3&4 6 iron 9 iron PW
  11. [quote name='hereisnowhy' timestamp='1365642036' post='6806365'] [quote name='stuway' timestamp='1365576603' post='6798803'] Anyone have any comparisons to the forgiveness of the Srixon z star irons?? I've hit about everything but these. Can't find them anywhere. I'm a 15 capper, but a pretty good ball striker, can I handle these??? What are Srixons most forgiving irons, sans the GIE. Those are to rich for my blood. Any info is appreciated. [/quote] The Z-Stars are for sale at a Close Out Outlet near my house, like Big Lots, not a golf shop. ... i have a set of them as backups, beautiful clubs. [/quote] HEY NEIGHBOR!!! Tell me where and how much??? Please!
  12. [quote name='mattsam' timestamp='1365591117' post='6799055'] I'll take it for an experiment Sending you a pm [/quote] PM replied and invoice sent. Thanks
  13. [quote name='KYMAR' timestamp='1365047677' post='6757331'] Sorry for your experience but I loves me some priority mail! Never had one issue [/quote] +1
  14. If you can figure out the search function, there are a few threads with tip to graphic measurements here.
  15. [quote name='markjinc' timestamp='1365538048' post='6795013'] And don't forget steel shafted drivers... they'll be back too. [/quote] They already are. There's a big ol' BS thread here somewhere.
  16. [quote name='bhhad25' timestamp='1365546284' post='6795967'] I'll take the Cleveland classic. Pm me your paypal [/quote] Sorry, I was just a shade quicker.
  17. This is a very clean head less 2 pin size spots near the center of the topline that can be seen in the pictures. I made them as obvious as possible, but they are hard to notice when at address position. There is no shaft adapter included. SOLD
  18. Snapped in half on your 1st swing? I'd be thinking something was rotten in denmark.
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