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  1. Blah, blah, blah! This thread cost me about $45 and I knew better.
  2. [quote name='squishyy' timestamp='1353633388' post='5967631'] Awesome. Seller responded back to me filing the dispute and refunded me my purchase amount. Looks like I'll just eat the shipping cost. Anyway, thanks everyone and happy thanksgiving! [/quote] He'd either pay return shipping or he wouldn't get them back.
  3. [quote name='PutterHo' timestamp='1353380452' post='5956621'] no way ... i found one of those a few months ago. mine was had some character to her and not near as pretty. how did yours feel weight wise LBlack? [/quote] I need to get some batteries for my digital scale, then I'll weigh the head.
  4. The Tour Silks are now $0.49 each.
  5. FT-IQ Tour 9.5* Fubuki Tour 63S - you can get it right here for $75 shipped.
  6. My 2nd time for this exact post tonight..... DOOSH BAG!
  7. Not with a face like that! They should've done everybody a favor and air brushed. :scare2:
  8. Nuts, I see you have the mizzy mp 600 driver--man, I had one and loved it. I don't know why I even sold the damn thing. Have you hit it lately? What do you think? Mine was shafted with a pro launch red shaft-- a little harsh buy boy was it low spinning. Look again, I've got 2. I just got another, 9.5/VS Proto 70S. This is my 3rd one. Regretted getting rid of the 1st then bought the 10.5 PL Blue, which I like, but wanted to try to get a little lower launch. I've been playin' the 10.5* for a couple months or so now. Always loved the VS Proto 70S so now best of both worlds.
  9. [quote name='LBlack14' timestamp='1353364217' post='5955301'] Anybody that bought a 9.5*/ MATRIX interested in trading for a 9.5* FT-IQ Tour/Fubuki Tour 63s x5ct? [/quote] I'd even settle for a 9.5* VooDoo!
  10. Anybody that bought a 9.5*/ MATRIX interested in trading for a 9.5* FT-IQ Tour/Fubuki Tour 63s x5ct?
  11. Wow that looks like bunch of run down clunkers. I kid I kid. I'm always a year or 2 behind. It's easier on the wallet that way. :good:
  12. She's as clean as a whistle. Comes with FT-IQ i-mix head cover. Shaft alone retails for $275. $80 shipped- want it gone!
  13. Russ, I've often thought about starting this same thread My Brother, but as you can tell, most don't get it. He never said he "got burned", "1st to pay" doesn't solve a damn thing. He's sayin' there's a whole sh*tload of schmucks at this place that have no idea how to do business and there word don't mean sh*t and they could care less. They offer, they say they want then disappear and don't respond. I understand a change of heart, but explain it instead of leavin' somebody hangin' waitin' on a reply. Russ and I both belong to another forum where you don't have to worry about all the bullsh*t that goes on in this one. Folks there are honorable and they stand by their word, here it's a crap shoot.
  14. [quote name='MizzyMan' timestamp='1353111998' post='5945155'] [quote name='dangolf' timestamp='1353086859' post='5943505'] shaft logo down. grip logo up. any other way is a blasphemy. [/quote] +1 Can't stand seeing all that stuff on top of the shaft. Looks cheap. Just like any logos or marks on the crown of a driver. That swoosh on top of the new Nike driver is abysmal. [/quote] Let me get this straight....showing the logo of a $300 shaft looks cheap, but just the plain 1 color shaft doesn't? What are you dyslexic?
  15. [quote name='carrera' timestamp='1353135558' post='5946127'] The Titleist 913 is a lot hotter feeling. The J33 had a nice feel and sound if you hit its sub-atomic sweet spot, but otherwise it wasn't really that great of a head. [color=#ff0000][i][b]Not really in Holy Grail territory in my opinion. I have owned many of the HG-class drivers (you name 'em, and I've had 'em), and I would never put the J33 in that category.[/b][/i][/color] [/quote] You're in the minority then.
  16. OGIO Asassin Cart bag. Never seen the light of day. Will ship in original box. $90 shipped Bought the shoes for my daughter and she won't wear them. Never been outside, EVER! Nice leather type material. They measure aprox. 9.5" from heel to toe. $22.50 shipped Nice iron set here folks. 5-7 are the XFHT and 8-PW are the XF. Black Widow Tour Silk cord grips. In great condition. Most marking on the 8i. 5i is 39.5" and go down 1/2" increments from there. Shafts are aligned NBP to target. The extra length & slight upright lie helps with the rights. As of today 5i has a bruise on the heel. $75 shipped
  17. It's getting to be a regular occurrence, just just be patient. It'll show up eventually. Had it happen a couple weeks ago.
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