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  1. Hey everyone! All this feedback is awesome. Thank you so much. The instagram video of Monte is clear and to the point. I'm going to work through these ideas and report back in few weeks to see if I've understood.
  2. My instructor advocates less hip rotation. He says from the position I was getting at the top of the swing, I was too far to get around to a good impact position. I've worked on it, but am getting a lot of mixed signals. Monte suggests more hip rotation. Today's swing felt good and the results were great. I want to be sure I understand exactly what I'm trying to achieve as I make more changes. From the driver and 2-iron I've shown, is the "over sway" during the backswing or downswing?
  3. I was surprised to read this, because I've been working on that. I probably shouldn't have uploaded the PW. I was trying to hit it to the 175 target (and coming up short.) If you still have time to take a look, I'd love your feedback on the driver or 2 iron that I shared.
  4. and PW... FullSizeRender.mov 9D4F7545-9ABE-43E2-90BE-C7064700B613.MOV
  5. I've tried to incorporate your advice. Here are my driver, 2-iron, and pitching wedge. Would you say that my head swaying away at contact is a top priority or should I focus on other problems first? IMG_4790.mov IMG_4792.mov
  6. Sorry for not answering your question immediately. It always worked for me. Both video were made and uploaded in the same way.
  7. Thank you for your advice and perspective. I couldn't miss tonight on the range, so I plan to internalize the changes as best as possible.
  8. Is it still malfunctioning? CE66795D-380C-4AC2-B03D-B13C56A078E2.MOV
  9. I worked pretty doggedly on my hip-turn these past two days. I know it seems that do not unwound my hips much on the downswing, but it feels completely rotated before I begin the upper body. Any tips based on what you see? IMG_0412.MOV
  10. Thank you. I will put the hip turn first. And thank you for the comparison. What a stark difference! I will follow up after making my best effort to make this improvement.
  11. I only had 30 minutes at the range tonight, but the results were pretty disappointing. At home, I tried to work on my hip turn these past few days. On the range, my focus was to deloft the club and maintain lag, while twisting my hips to a greater extent. The reality, it appears to me, was worse than my previous swings. As for lag: I've tried the drills by meandmygolf, Clay Ballard, and Eric Corgono, but I don't seem to be able to convince my body to "create lag" and good shots at the same time. If anyone has any recommendations given my swing, I would be very grateful. IMG_0
  12. I I’m on baby duty today, but I’ll try my best to incorporate this advice tomorrow. I’ll report back by Tuesday. Thanks again to everyone.
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