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  1. > @DBLEAGLE said: > Take a look at Vineyard Vines For some reason the pink whale does not sit well with me.... I own no VV gear.
  2. > @txgolfer45 said: > Callaway Epic Flash are 18 degrees but adjustable up to 17 or down to 19 or 20. I’m not referring to adjustable woods. I am skeptical that the loft adjustments even work.
  3. Does anyone make a true 5 wood anymore? I’m talking one with 19 degrees of loft…
  4. I seem to hit the C grind type of wedge crisper and cleaner
  5. Drill small hole in said favorite tee.... attach to driver head-cover via fishing line (preferred length). Put head over off to the side when teeing off (far as the fishing line will let you).?
  6. What other grinds(Ping, Vokey, Cleveland,etc.) are comparable to Callaways C grind?
  7. I have for sale a Ping G410 19 degree hybrid. Club is 40.25” long. Shaft is a Even Flow Project X 6.5 XStiff 85g Hybrid Shaft. Club is very good condition. Face is excellent with some turf marks on bottom of club. (See Pics) Also comes with an Extra shaft. Tour AD/YSQ by Graphite Design 85g Hybrid X Stiff. This shaft in the head makes the club 40” long. Headcover included. 260.00 shipped to lower 48
  8. Looking for suggestions on golf pants that do not look like dress pants. I am looking a sporty/athletic type of pant. I still would like for them to be the “stretchy” material most golf pants are made of these days. I’m not opposed to the ones that resemble a jean type of appearance either. Thanks in advance for suggestions.
  9. > @timmy8151 said: > > @buckhorn70 said: > > > @Tanksfurnutin said: > > > > @buckhorn70 said: > > > > I am looking at Pro Quip PX6 for a total rain suit now...... I discovered a great buy at Golfsupport.con through searching GolfWRX. > > > > > > > > Any opinions on the PX6? I’m not sure if they are Gortex? Is Gortex a requirement for the best rain suit ? > > > > > > > > What about rain hats? > > > > > > Unfortunately, Golfsupport no longer ships Pro Quip to the US. I thin
  10. I am thinking of trying a Ping pull over...... was just checking if they were the same as Zero Restriction.
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