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  1. Anyone know the cc on the Max 3 wood? edit: found my answer in the other thread
  2. I have the stealth 400 counterbalance. I have the black shaft too. I love the putter! Super easy to line up.
  3. Looking for a PING G410 5 wood.
  4. I have the C130S too and it’s a great bag!! Works great with my clicgear and also on a power cart.
  5. looks great!! Can you post more pictures of how you attached it?
  6. There’s nothing illegal about adding tape to the bulge to make it a little bigger? I have a counter balanced putter but i ordered an inch extended because I liked it sitting up a little higher on my wrist/arm.
  7. jamie

    C'mon Finau!

    You guys crack me up!! Finau finished 5th strokes gained putting at the WMO????
  8. I ordered one yesterday so I’ll be able to answer any questions when I receive in the next week or so.
  9. I got an extra a few years ago when I thought mine was lost in the mail during the embroidery transit. Call PING, that’s what I did.
  10. > @Schnee said: > > @airjammer said: > > > > > > > > Martin and David seem to agree that my move is looking great with the help of the planemate! > > I love That it’s making me regain some feels I had in my swing before I hurt my wrist a few years ago (and was at my best handicap). > > It’s syncing up my armswing and my pivot and making my swing nice and compact. > > Move looks great!!
  11. > @wrm2120 said: > Well, I have taken the plunge. Looking forward to hooking it up and giving it a go. Mr. Chuck makes excellent stuff. I wish he still chimed in around here. I have the smartball and planemate. Chuck looks like a really good golfer, judging by his swing...all his aids come from a players perspective it seems which I love!!
  12. I loved the AVX on mid, long irons, fw Woods. Hated with driver and short irons.
  13. jamie

    Gamble Sands

    I listened to it on my drive up last week!! Perfect listen for the drive up!> @Stevo85 said: > Give this a listen on the drive up, it's DMK (the designer) talking through every hole on the course. > https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/19th-hole-golf-show/talking-golfgetaways/e/58242250 > Starts at 9:25.
  14. > @Joelsim said: > > @Kale_m said: > > I think that means 3* range from most upright to the flattest position. > > > > > It says on the website 3* flatter than normal. Checked it, but I can’t see how that works. > I’ve read it too but can’t find figure out how. I guess it could be a misprint but I’ve definitely seen it.
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