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  1. I received my G425 max driver today. I ordered it 5/17.
  2. They’re yellow?
  3. Anyone know if/when Pro V1 will ever be available to have custom numbers?
  4. I order most of my stuff from PING without grips. I still have them throw the grips in the box loose so I can resell them.
  5. I agree. I play the yellow pro v1 because I swear they spin less than the white ones. I’m adamant they spin less so I guess that’s good for me. I find them to be more curable too.
  6. I have the C130S and it’s my favorite bag that I’ve owned. Large and a ton of storage but also small enough to not by gigantic in the back of the car. The stand can be bungeed to the bag. Good size cooler as well. Mine has a putter well. I’m going to order a new one this year with book money, I just wished they’d jazz up the black to make it slightly different.
  7. I was looking for a pair of premier’s on eBay and came across a used pair that had bids at over $250 and I couldn’t believe it. My two pairs I already have are in great shape and clean up so well. Love the 13’s.
  8. I still have my black pair and white pair of ‘13. Still in great shape. I sold my backup brand new white pair on ebay for over $400 last year!
  9. TPI did a study and pros gripped the club twice as hard as amateurs. A lot of the amateurs, without even swinging, couldn’t grip it as hard as the pros do while hitting balls.
  10. What were the differences you were noticing? Skytrak reading slower or faster than TGC2019?
  11. I’m a Skytrak user too but I gladly put the deposit down for this. Curious to see how it transpires.
  12. People think I’m crazy when I say it but I think the yellow definitely spins less than the white and the cover is more durable.
  13. I haven’t but it definitely looks interesting.
  14. Weird, I thought it was the opposite but I’m sure I’m wrong. I started using a fat line on my ball because the thin one never seemed aligned just right. Each their own but I’m putting better with the thicker line.
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