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  1. I have no idea what you are saying buddy but there’s this awesome invention called a lie and loft machine that you can alter your lie and loft specs to your little hearts desire.
  2. As always my price includes USPS Priority Shipping CONUS only. Specs noted in pics. Project X 5.5 standard length. Plays strong off a 19* 3 iron. Grips are Lamkin black and white cord slightly built up on the 4-P. The 3 iron has a brand new New Decade MCC black and white. Best set of blades ever made. I’ve owned half a dozen sets and will own another at some point. $325 shipped to your door firm.
  3. As always my price includes USPS Priority Shipping conus only. Let me start off by saying that these are superior to any foam/gel inserted iron from any of the OEMs. They are long, forgiving, feel superb and have very nice spin rates. The offset is minimal and the profile is really pleasant at address. The iron set is stock specs and are paired with Apollo Aculite 95 Stiff which is a mid bend mid flight shaft that is flies under the radar. I’d put this shaft up against the KBS 105 or XP 105 any day. Grips are mid sized Pure. Asking $350 shipped to your door.
  4. As always my price includes USPS Priority Shipping CONUS only. Nice scratch wedge setup 53/58 that would play great coming off a 47 PW allowing for an extra hybrid or long iron. Winn Dri Tac could use to be replaced soon. They are in great shape outside of a few minor toe marks. These feel so f*****g good. I’m gonna go $175 to your door. Only trade would be for a Tour AD BB that play 45” with a Titleist tip plus cash.
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