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  1. Steep price for performance here. Perhaps they'll knock $50 off when they sit on the racks.
  2. Something is wrong with all of the buttons on mobile. Everything looks like a box with an "x" in it.
  3. That was one of the most unreal bunker shots I've ever seen.
  4. Amazing looking place. Really cool event, seemed better than some of the other exhibition matches as of late. Player seems a bit senile these days.
  5. We regret...like the 12th year in a row, or since they started. I give up.
  6. I do hope he can save what's left of his health by cutting the crap. Nothing like going to the old Buick open seeing him on the range hitting wedges one handed, cigarette hanging out of his mouth, extra large diet coke on the tee. Dude is something else.
  7. Yikes. Koepka must have really done something big to that knee.
  8. This was US Open quality all the way around.
  9. -30 will be a regular occurrence soon.
  10. Total apples to oranges comparison and you know it. Jack got massages not physio work on the golf course.
  11. I was just talking to a trainer the other day about how Brooks was getting worked on at the PGA and how odd that was. He said these guys have turned golf into any other pro sport that has limited or no contact like tennis/baseball. You're done at 40 if you play hard in your 20s-30s. If anything, these guys are going harder than ever now and will have shorter careers than ever if they don't do it right. Tiger is extremely lucky and a real warning to those young guns.
  12. Test post. I love this look, old forums best forums! Any chance we get a dark mode???
  13. Site was down for me when Bryson unraveled. This is why I'll never be a fan of his. Ever.
  14. I'm able to drive the ball 280-300 yards with a modern fitted ball/driver with 105-108SS and feel I shouldn't really be able to as I sure as hell couldn't do it a few years ago with an older club. Has my swing improved? Yes. Have I been to the gym more? Yes. All told I've probably gained 35 yards since a few seasons back. However, amp me up to Bryson level...I can see how they do it. It is a combination of skill and equipment - and frankly the courses can't take it much longer.
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