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  1. Rahm won both the memorial and this.
  2. So that's how they do it in California.
  3. Chamblee is paid to be a troll at this point.
  4. Looks like Tiger himself is unloading some gear here lol
  5. Simply perfect. Way to go, Phil!
  6. Pretty amazing drop by Louis. Not that it helped him anyway.
  7. That's what I'm talking about, get it close screw this bad break.
  8. I think the tech behind this is awesome. Not a fan of the looks of their limited release blade or this mallet, but the concept is here to stay.
  9. I think they should get everyone in the field to wear red on Sunday or something.
  10. I thought this was a really good take on the whole situation by a real MD. Not quite sure what we will find over the coming days/weeks, but it could end up being manageable for recovery if all went well in the OR yesterday.
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