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  1. Pass for me, was hoping for a better release, but this year has sucked
  2. Is everything blank for y’all? Usually something is still left but the site is empty on New Release
  3. The ticket to get in runs a few thousand dollars IF you even have the access to get one. There is a pro shop beside the clubhouse, but you have to have special access to get it has the same logo during Masters week as Berckman’s. The polos are the nicer items so basically all Peter Millar or the Italian line they carry. That is also where the scotty’s are sold, but not gonna mention the players name. I didn’t get the invite because it’s all just family going this round. Hopefully he continues to play as well as he has this season and I will get the chance to go in the future
  4. I would say prices are pretty reasonable for the items they have. From my experience I would say items are generally $5-$10 more than if you were to buy them at any other country club or retail store. There are some items that are more expensive but generally that is a good guide.
  5. Yes to the "Berckman's logo" - it is actually also sold at the pro shop inside the clubhouse (not the main merch tent). That is, assuming he has a trophy/clubhouse badge. If he has a regular ticket, the player would have to get it. No to the ANGC logo stuff. They put that all away during tournament week. I have a pullover with the circle logo that he got me for Christmas last year. He said that he picked it up at the shop to the left of the clubhouse. I would like to get a few other things, but don’t want to have the player to worry about it during the tournament. I didn’t think they woul
  6. I have a friend that is going to Augusta with someone playing in the Masters. He is not a Golf fan but has never been. I’ve attended 3 times and have given him advice on a few places to go, but I’m sure he will be following the player mainly. I was hoping to get some gear that i usually don’t have the chance to get since I’m assuming he will have special access? I don’t know if that is the case or not, but I’m hoping someone here may have some info. If you are a family or friend of a player do you have access to the ANGC logo or the logo that is offered in Barkmans’s? He does not have a clue a
  7. I put ally had my first Eagle yesterday while playing a round at the beach. I decided to go play Craft Farms late in the afternoon and basically had the whole course to myself. I hit driver on the 10th which is a 505 Par 5. I have been hitting it good all day by my standards, but hit it low on the face. The ball had to run out a decent bit because when I hit it well I carry it about 265-270. I had 187 to the hole which is a 6 iron for me, and I smoked it. It went over the geeen and landed on the fringe. I had probably a 20 footer than broke both ways. I left the flag in and the ball went all t
  8. His Custom Shop hardcovers are all the same theme super shiny and pretty ugly. I thought about grabbing the disk, but shipping will make the price skyrocket. Was the Hawaiian open the only good release this year? The staff bag with the covers was uglier than the windowpane release last year.
  9. I am currently playing the JPX 850F from Mizuno and have the same complication. My PW is 6* of Bounce and about to pick up the Raw SM7. There is a Titleist Thursday fitting in my area, but it isn’t until the end of the month. I plan on going 50, 54 or 56 and 60 and bending it to a 55. I currently play 50,54, 58 and the 50 is only for full and 3/4 shots when I wanna take some off of it and that’s when it tends to dig for me. Hopefully the fitting will help on deciding which bounce is best for me, but a gut feeling is saying go with the 8* and maybe keep the bottom two wedges the same length to
  10. The adapters aren't the same... that would be the easy fix but 910F are the only ones that aren't compatible with 913,915,917
  11. I have been playing a 910F 15* for 3 years now and finally decided to upgrade. I found a deal on a 917F2 so I picked it up in 16.5* welllllll I can't even hit the thing remotely straight. In the 910 I play the stock whiteboard in stiff which according to Titleist it's 82 Grams with a Torque of 3.1 Low Launch and Low Spin. The 917 is shafted with an GD AD-BB 7X. Which is 76 Grams 3.0 torque and mid launch and spin. I went with this shaft based off my Driver Fitting. I was put in a Kiyoshi Purple 65-05 because I needed some help with my LA. The size of the head from the 910 is 155cc and 917 F2 i
  12. Nice set of sticks. Would wager you're a tall guy - 6'3"-6'6" range who gets a lot of power into the swing. Driver SS in the 108-112mph range carrying 265 yards on a high draw and 6 iron SS right around 85mph. Probably a mid to high single digit handicap who favored the Mizunos over other Titliest offerings for the sake of not having the pressure of needing to pure it every single time. Iron play is solid, short game is dependable, but you get the most fun out of letting the big-dog eat and pulling driver just because of how good that 915 & Oban Kiyo Purple combo feels (awesome club).
  13. 915 9.5* D2 with Oban Kiyoshi Purple 65-05 910F 15* with stock whiteboard, but just picked up a 917 16.5* F2 with AD BB 7X 913 19* with Rip Phenom 850 Forged 4-PW X100 50,54,58 SM5 with TI X100 in 50,54 and 58 with TI S400 Scotty X5R with a SS 2.0 Counter Balanced weight. It plays at 37 or 38
  14. Pretty good player, probably around a 4-6 HC. Your irons are the best part of your game followed by your wedges. You struggle with your driver because you carry a 13* TEE Exotics, or you play super tight long courses. I'm gonna go with you struggle with driving. You are a decent putter but struggle with lag or putts outside 10 feet. You struggle with spin or negative AOA which cost you distance. Probably drive it 270 carry.
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