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  1. If you are talking about the shafts. we don't even know IF they are going to be at retail. Don’t really care about the shaft just want to know if the putter is going to come to retail.
  2. Does anybody know when and if these are going to hit retail?
  3. July-Sept not a peep on ordering or prices. Be sitting down for prices on forged clubs FWIW, as of now you can place an order for both (I know, good luck finding a place that has demonstrators yet). Aug 1 is release date. What do you know about other shaft options, since, I can no longer find their custom options on their website.
  4. [quote name='easylittle5wood' timestamp='1431983344' post='11581146'] Like to see some AP1 Forged irons, atleast through their new MOTO program. [/quote] MOTO program?
  5. [quote name='BigPete' timestamp='1374008320' post='7467680'] OK just to be clear - the mp54 are not in the same bracket as mx23 or jpx pro or any iron with an X in it. They are the direct decendants of the mp52 and mp53 - sitting between the mp64 and the jpx825pro in the line up. They are MP clubs - meaning little offset, thin top lines, relatively narrow soles etc. The PW 9 8 are cavities - and less cavity / overall sleeker look than 53 and 52 (as confirmed by 2 seperate Mizuno staffers) The 7 -3 have the undercut cavities Personally I think the mp54 looks just perfect for a large nu
  6. I was just wondering if anybody was there. In some years, spyshots of the new ping gear shows up.
  7. [quote name='Bob57' timestamp='1373380162' post='7416518'] [quote name='Big Ben' timestamp='1373211953' post='7402866'] Gorge cavity with gorge finish is my guess, should be sharp. Toss in a nice radius grind to improve bounce and BAM you have a winner winner chicken dinner...BB [/quote] Good point, It would certainly be a nice change to use the gorge finish as the satin chrome has been used for the last two cycles. It might help them sell a few more with a new finish. Introducing it now won't really impact their bottom line as this is their lowest volume club sales wise. Save the big
  8. Ada, OK 74820 5 Mizuno MP 59 Project X 6.0 107 88 High Mid-high
  9. [quote name='Marks23' timestamp='1367252192' post='6937585'] Just received an email from golfsmith alerting of the price drop. [/quote] I hope some news about these and the s-55 surface soon. I am in the market for some new irons.
  10. [quote name='TrueTemper' timestamp='1360184515' post='6375141'] Hey guys- DG Pro is an all new design, not a new name/label for DG/DGTI. And that's all I can tell you for now. The Black spinners were just a request from a couple of players/reps. Not a new product. -Don [/quote] When are you going to be able to tell us more????
  11. [quote name='ritz0019' timestamp='1346427777' post='5565873'] Just a bought a set. Black dot 3-PW Tour Issue S400 shafts I bought a set of the new Ansers and absolutely love them. I actually think its the best of both worlds with this iron. They have the feel of a forged iron, but you can also still tell you are hitting a PING. That is the best way I can describe them and I think that is probably what PING was looking for in their design of these irons. I hit plenty of fades & draws with long-mid irons. Working the ball either direction was not a problem, yet they were super easy
  12. Any idea when we are going to get a look at the fairways and hybrids?
  13. [quote name='herox1' timestamp='1341495649' post='5220196'] [quote name='MarkFromTheUK' timestamp='1341487462' post='5219730'] Hmm If that last post is true, I think I'll hold out for the S55 irons (whenever they may arrive). [/quote] Had the info sent to me by my rep and then he phoned today to confirm that he will get his sample products mid july. [/quote] So the S55 will not come out this fall?
  14. Has anybody demoed the i20 with Ctaper in them? I hit a 7 iron with CFS X, I was impressed but would like a shaft with a little more weight.
  15. I am a little dissapointed there was not any I20 information to come out of yesterday. Will there be such an iron series on the spring? I guess I will have to look at the new MP-59 or AP2 for my next set. I was hoiping to give the new I series a look.
  16. [quote name='jrk' timestamp='1311561300' post='3420439'] "Yo, enough already"...with the picture of the 69 claiming it to be the 59. 59's will show themselves shortly. [/quote] What do you mean shortly. days, weeks, I would like some info on these before I make my next purchase.
  17. [quote name='Florida Gator' timestamp='1311419828' post='3416386'] I love my mp-68s and have to agree withe everyone who feels that these are the most forgiving blades that they have hit. It would take something real special to get these out of my bag. From what I have heard on the 69s, the 3d muscle was redesigned to give players a lower more penetrating ball flight than the mp-68s, which I hit higher than most blades. I am going to look on the bright side, the new dinner for two blades will be available for three years, perhaps my 68s will be ready to move on by then. [/quote] What d
  18. [quote name='pga43' timestamp='1310068987' post='3372650'] Just to clear things up. [b]Ping will have the [u]G 20[/u] irons available at the Greenbriar[/b]. There is no set date for any i 20 irons launch. Greg [/quote] Does that mean the I20's are not going to be available this fall? Or has ping not revealed anything about them?
  19. I was hoping someone was able to snap pics of the I20 iron at one of these events.
  20. [quote name='beruo' timestamp='1309860192' post='3365245'] They are not legit. I'm just leaving the pics up because I think it's sad/funny that other places give credibility to counterfeiters. Speaks to their credibility as well, IMO. As for the real things, I'll speak to the real things when pictures of the real things go up. [/quote] When do you expect to see the pics start showing up? Or better yet how soon will you release your pics? Also, there has been some debate about when the i20's are going to show up in the retail market, what say you?
  21. I did the mizuno shaft analyzer and it gave m the following results: Softstep x-100, softstep KBS tour x-flex, or project x 6.0. I would like to go with KBS but i prefer the mid weight of the stiff flex KBS tour. I am thinking about hardstepping the stiff flex but I am concerned the ball flight might get a little high. I am putting them in a Mp 53/63 combo. Help anyone?
  22. Have I been under a rock? I did not know they existed? It sounds appealing to me project X performance but better feel, I would think they would be great for irons but does anybody know the specs? when are they going to be available? price?
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