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  1. Used maltby lie/loft machine. Well used but works great. Nice heavy stand and bending bar. Have a swingweight scale including with. Can send more pics. Any questions just message me. 45244 Cincinnati area, pick up only. $225 for both!
  2. Maltby lie/loft machine with brass bending bar. Good used condition. Still works like it should. Durable and heavy stand. Throwing in swing weight scale along with, package deal. Pick up only, too heavy to ship. 45244 area code. Cincinnati Oh. Message me with any questions. $220 pick up!! Would love to move tonight!
  3. Can't let me slide in here for 2minutes Huh bro? Haha. ;)
  4. Hey guys! Been a while! Back has me down most of the time and my ho'ing days are pretty much done. Couple items collecting some dust. Maltby Golf Machine. Loft/lie machine with bending bar and what you see pictured. Simple but efficient little guy. Mounted on durable stand. Along with an older but still very good swingweight scale. These are for local pick up only. Will not ship, too heavy and big. Pm me with any questions or need more pics. Thanks! Selling both together for $350 obo..? Cincinnati Ohio or Northern KY area
  5. That's what I am talking about! Recognizing it and then putting the effort into your swing and game and making it better. Range balls, hard work and practice instead of new clubs! Awesome! My big thing is watching some not letting go of their ego. An older gentleman that i have played with still wants to play blades, a 2 iron, an 8.5 driver with a D+ 72 whiteboard, s300 shafts etc. He is over 70 years old and thinks they are the best clubs for his game. Who cares how much the cost, and some are quality clubs but they totally eclipse his swing and game! He is lucky to break 90 with them all f
  6. Basically this started as a joke and some rib poking with a good buddy. Well it got me thinking about all the high dollar and high "quality" clubs (and i use the word quality loosely) I see in some players bags that should not be in their bag to some extent. A player is lucky to break 90 and has all the newest and high tech (not game improvement by any means when it comes to high tech), has spent roughly 2 to 3K on his clubs but is not getting his money worth because his swing and game does not justify having these clubs in his bag. There is a ton of variables that can be accounted for, I get
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