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  1. Over the last year and a half I have immersed myself into the world of youth travel baseball. Much like golf, there is a myriad of tiers of competition, prices to pay, coaches, etc, it is pretty overwhelming at times. Presently my son is 9 and is playing up an age level and is better than most on his team. (I feel that I should add that his team is not all that good when compared to local standards) I should also clarify that I am by no means under the illusion that he is the best player ever or future major league player. I know that he is far from it. Some might say play little
  2. The one that gets me every time is Josh Groban's -You lift me up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnztMhtUF6o
  3. I am looking for a 11-12* Sim Driver head. This is likely a Tour Serial # for this loft request. Let me know if anyone has something.
  4. How far off were the numbers between your M6 and the new Tsi2? I ask, because for me, that would determine the cost to upgrade. Your M6 was fit and if you have liked the results of that driver you really aren't going to see a massive amount of improvement.
  5. Price aside, I think it depends on what you miss is and looking to change about your current set up. If you are thinking about getting fit by someone like CC, Truespec, etc... you might want to wait. If you are just ordering from the OEM, I say find the one that fits your corrections.
  6. I would agree with many of the others by staying in the NV line. I would look at the 75 grams or 85 gram versions.
  7. Epic Flash 3D 10.5 @ D setting. Tried it with the ZF 60 TX. Tried it w/ Atmos Blue, tried w/ the GD Tp-6X and it just performed. I like it with the Tp-6x best, but the ZF can be a monster too. I like that I can spin it consistently. Not the highest launching head, but more playable than other lower spin models.
  8. I know this doesn't match what you are asking, but if you are only looking for a couple more RPM, maybe switch balls. To me, and my experience, I thought the TP was way more consistent and stable. Or check where you are hitting the head. Are you getting into the low spin quadrant of the head? Maybe a couple of simple switches would work for you rather investing in a DI. I know not as fun, but cheaper.
  9. Vastly different in profile, weight, trajectory, spin ( maybe close here), launch.
  10. I would be interested in the SIM head is someone wants the shaft. PM me
  11. JD is great to work with. Very quick shipping, but not sure that he has Titleist although might be able to get the shaft and such. Ben- aka- The Tour Van, is great too, but not sure how much inventory he has in stock. There are some other builders on here. How exotic are you looking to get? That might help you.
  12. I have had a net for over a year and never opened it out of the box. I just ordered a mat to hit off of in the garage. My son can also use to hit baseballs off of as well. My club is closed at the time, but you can go out and exercise. They keep the greens and tees in goodish shape.
  13. Looking at hybrid shafts, how does the Pro 2.0 TS series differ from the Atmos line of Hybrid. Also, is there any chance that you will bring back a heavier version 100 gr. weight?
  14. Like many of you, I am stuck in the house with very little to do to occupy my time. So after listening to various podcasts I was curious about the lesser known or obscure club component brands. For example, I listened to an interview from one of the Paderson owners and is was really interesting to listen to. I thought about Shimada shafts as well. What brands are out there that are doing interesting things or making really quality parts like heads, ferrules, grips, shafts, etc?
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