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  1. I am looking for a TM 5 wd shaft. Already have a Ventus black w/ Velocore 7x. Looking for something heavier X flex w/ TM tip installed. Also looking for the SWAG garbage Pail kids mallet cover.
  2. Really great set of irons! For those of you that like or wanted the 57's, here is your chance.
  3. I have had a number of tour issue items. Specifically fairway woods, I have only had Taylormade and a couple of Titleist. The Titleist were early design models or some with bent or altered heads. The Taylormade few Taylormade heads that I have had were spec'd ( like others have said) and little flatter overall. I think the only original limited style was the Vsteel Tour 7 wood. That was a wonderful club and regretted selling it. From a performance standard, the only reason to purchase a Tour Issued wood now is if you have a very unique reason. Otherwise with the adjustable adapters it shouldn't be a problem
  4. I just picked up a SIM2 FW. It is pretty nice and very easy to elevate. I have had the TS2 and TSI2 and prefer this one over both.
  5. The grips and Cameron head cover are sold...pending payment. As for the pics, is there a mod that can give me a suggestions about the pics. I uploaded the files, but they are not showing.
  6. Yep, my kid plays travel baseball. That leads to very little time to tinker with clubs and play. Actually he likes it and I love traveling with him and watching. This is the first sale of a few. The items in this sale are items that I forgot I even had so I have tried to price everything accordingly. All prices include PP and Shipping ( USPS priority mail) Items: #1- Titleist 913 hybrid head- 17* - No headcover or adapter.- Great for an experiment- Price $35 #2- Golf Pride Grips- Brand New-Tour Velvet Cord 58x ( Ribbed)- Price $35 --- SOLD #3- Titleist Phantom X Putter Cover- Never Used- Price $30-- SOLD! #4- Adidas Black Tour 360 2.0- New- Size 13-Price $100- * Note- I do not have the original box. Will ship double boxed
  7. If you are going in on the idea of a budget of $600 for a driver, you are going to get a retro fit of your current driver. I don't mean to undervalue how much you have saved for the project, but if you are going to do a full bag fitting top to bottom and purchase with whatever they suggest you are looking at closer to 5K. Here is a breakdown of what your CC ( or any big fitter ) bill will be. Driver= Brand X ( Full Retail Price) + Shaft X ( Full Retail Price) + Grip of Choice+ Puring ( optional)= Example- SIM2 ($529 Per TM site) + Accra FX 3.0 200 Series ( around $300)+ GP TV ( $10.00)= $830 3wd= Same as above Example- Titleist TSI2 ($300 per Dicks) + Accra FX 3.0 200 Series ( around $300) + Gp TV $(10.00)= $610 5wd=Same as above Hybrid= Same as above Irons= "" Wedges=" " Putter=" " As I am sure the you have read, you can go in and explain your budget and where you want to stay in the end, but do not be surprised. If you are a big fan of Sub 70 brand, then I would go that route if you want to stay in a certain range. I think that you will have a better and more hands- on experience especially if you are local.
  8. If you can find an X flex Super Peening Orange set of shaft you might like that.
  9. When I began, It was the early 90's. If I knew what I know now, I would not have used a blade putter. I would have used a RAM Zebra or B60 putter. Iron wise, I would have loved to have a set of BeCu Ping Eye 2s. Woods I had a pretty good set up, but iron and putter were off.
  10. The Ventus Black, Atmos Black, Pro 2.0, Accra Tz5, Diamana Whiteboard line of shafts.
  11. I am a lowball/ low spin player. Like some of the other posters mentioned that tune up lesson or lessons have changed so much about my flight and game. Huge differences, can't wait to keep playing and continue to get lessons.
  12. There are so many- Ping G400 LST, G400Max, TM- TM5/6, Titleist-TS3/2, Callaway Epic Flash 3D, Mavrik, CobraF9, SZ. Like others have said, shaft choice is going to play a factor in you finding the right combo.
  13. I am a sweeper too (although trying get a little steeper) and I didn't find the Srixons useful for me. Loved the feel, but didn't like the v sole. Like others have posted, I like irons that have thinner soles or ones that might have more trailing edge relief. Blades for example have always been pretty easy to hit. Blades typically have a little less bounce and sharper leading edge. As a sweeper I found the pings i210 pretty easy to hit, just didn't care for the size. I have Callaway Apex Pro 19 and those are pretty easy to hit as well. Slightly more camber than the pings. Presently I play t100. I find them pretty good mix of performance, tech, and easy to hit in the long irons.
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