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  1. When I still had some vintage blades (Wilson Staff FG17 and some 70's blades), yes they were shorter, but only by a club. Dispersion was greater though. It might depend on your swing - people such as me learnt with persimmon/laminates and blades with heavy steel shafts. If you learnt with titanium, graphites shafts, GI irons it might be more of a shock.
  2. I never said OP was correct - just that was some sense in it (disproven now but nonetheless he did quote Peltz - not just an opinion) and that the roasting was unfair considering some of the other stuff posted on this site. Agree with everyone about Fowler but I was not so interested in Fowler as much as some quite personal and vindictive responses. On Fowler, his confidence must be shot currently. I don't have any particular opinion on him but it is always sad to see someone go through such a steep and sudden decline. I hope he can come back like Speith but his fall possibly (I have not check
  3. Not you specifically - you were constructive - not sure the same could be said of some of the other posts
  4. Really not sure why the OP is getting such a roasting in this thread. All seems logical to my scientific mind. Also seems odd that a good number of thread on WRX are effectively about the same topic - the science, engineering and myths of golf equipment.
  5. Thanks guys - some good responses but I am UK based and budget ideally £150 or less. That is why I listed the alternatives I did. Are Metal X really non-insert - I really do not want any insert.
  6. I am lucky enough to have an almost immaculate copy of this book. It is possibly the best golf book I won and definitely the most interesting
  7. I currently have 2 Odyssey 7's O Works (one Tank, one not a Tank). I love the shape and balance but not the feel. I still prefer non insert, pure metal milled putters. I love the Odyssey 7 shape so looking for something similar. Toulon Las Vegas would be ideal but they are too expensive so looking for opinions on the Wilson Infinite Buck Town, Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11 and Ben Hogan BHM02. Anything more expensive is off the menu.
  8. Soak in coca-cola or other phosphoric acid based drink overnight and if the rust is still there rub gently. Once rust removed use gun oil occasionally to coat the putter.
  9. That is beautiful. I would leave as is. I cannot wait to play on Monday - tee time booked!
  10. TM M6 has recently replaced the original V Steel. The M6 is just the best fairway I have ever owned. It is like cheating.
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