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  1. If this is not cheating I have 3: 1) Carnoustie - off the championship tees!!! We arrived - starter says one of the few days you are allowed to play the championship tees!!! I played well until 16, 17, 18... 2) The now closed course at Monte Mayor in Spain. Simply the most narrow course I have ever played, plus fast and sloppy greens. It was cut through a mountain - if you missed a narrow fairway you lost a ball in a 'hazard'. I believe the housing estate is still being built but the course is no more 3) The Nicklaus course at St Mellion. Again very tight and in parts outright intimidating.
  2. Just watch the offset in the HMPs - for some reason the GW has more offset than the PW - that is why I went Forged in the GW - the extra 1 degree loft less important to me than the offset
  3. I have 921 HMP up to W but have 921 Forged GW and T20 54 & 58. Good match.
  4. This got me thinking that I have owned far too many TM drivers over the last 35 years - many of which I did not care for! The top 3 I have cared for are in order: Titanium Burner Bubble 2 M6 R510TP
  5. I love playing with good golfers, period. If I my wife played I would not care if she was better than me - just reach her potential.
  6. I can't believe anyone likes Van Royen's stupid trousers!!!! Love that pic of Tony Lema - look at those shoes and particularly those spikes! Beautiful.
  7. I have moved from MX300's to 921 HMPs and also tested the 921 Forged. For me the HMPs feel great - I admit I was shocked having played forged irons for 30+ years. No issue with silly distances either - they are slightly longer on pured shots but it is the consistent distance on non-pured shots that is great. It took me only a couple of rounds to get used to them. No issues with the odd long one here - yes you get can a flyer from the rough but that happened with previous sets also - not from the fairway.
  8. For UK guys who played in 70's or 80's Commando would take a lot of beating in a worst ball ever competition
  9. From that list TP5 or TP5x depending on my warm up but if given a mulligan it would be a Bridgestone or Srixon
  10. I intended to get Forged but landed up getting HMP 5-PW and GW in the Forged (T20 SW and LW). Love them - toe miss particularly impressive - but do wonder whether I should have perhaps transitioned earlier in the set - my gut feel is I should have gone HM 5-8 and Forged 9-GW.
  11. I am not a low handicap golfer but I have always come from the inside and played with a draw. Offset irons always made my draw a hook - particularly in mid/long irons. The first thing I look for in a set of irons is the offset. It is not so much offset looks ugly (although to me it does!) but because I hook offset irons the confidence goes also. I currently play JPX921 Hot Metal Pro as the forgiveness and offset is good for me. I would have preferred less offset but the HMPs are not very offset. (As an aside I have never understood the thread on here about rescue/hybrids being hook machines! As they are nearly always less offset than the equivalent irons I have never had an issue with them).
  12. Anyone? After some research I was thinking Tensei Red or Blue and similarly Ventus Red or Blue. Thoughts and alternatives anyone?
  13. Go with what you feel confident with. I went HMP - I cannot stand looking at offset of the HM and they look much chunkier for my eyes. HMP are effectively the forged (same specs) but with more forgiveness through the technology. Sure HM more forgiving again but the looks would put me off.
  14. A few weeks ago I had a Mizuno iron fitting. Unfortunately I cannot remember the swing DNA numbers but to my surprise - my swing speed is medium - it recommended 120g stiff shafts (I was using 90g regulars). After hitting a number of shafts blind the best results were with a C Taper Lite 110 g stiff (the fitter was not surprised as the jump to 120g was so large). I am loving the clubs now I have them but it has got me thinking about the rest of my shafts - all woods and rescues are regulars - if not the lightest. So my initial question to you experts is taking into account the fitting information above - the recommendation and what I eventually got - what driver shafts would you recommend for me?
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