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  1. I recently bought a pair of Wrangler fleece lined hiking pants at Walmart for about $25. I actually bought them for camping, but realized that they’re perfect for winter golf. They are water repellent and have some stretch. They don’t look exactly like “traditional” golf pants, but I’m not worried about fashion in December and January in central Illinois. The guys I play with will play anytime there isnt snow on the ground, so we’re frequently out in 25 degree weather. Looking forward to trying these out.
  2. How difficult is it to line up the line. I always felts like I would tinker too much down at here trying to get my direction. I usually read putts from the hole back to my ball, visualizing the line as I move my eyes back to the ball. Then I find a spot about 3 ft in front of my ball on my line that I need to aim at and align the line with that point. Then I check the line by hovering my putter shaft over and in line with the alignment line (hopefully you can visualize what I mean...), making sure the putter points at the spot I’m aiming for. Sounds complicated, but it probably takes 15
  3. Have you tried using an alignment line on your ball? I was in the same boat and started using a line on the ball and my putting has never been better. My favorite thing about it is that I can now step up to my ball, forget about the line, and just concentrate on speed and squaring the face. I used to think i stunk at reading putts, but this has changed things for me. I’ve found that more often than not, my read is good and I feel like I can make any putt I see. I used to use a mallet (2-ball or 7) because I thought I needed help with making a more stable stroke. I figured that was why I
  4. My first set of clubs were made by Rawlings. “Pure Gold” was the line, IIRC. I could hit that 3-wood a mile off tee. “1-wood,” not so much.
  5. I hit one at a demo day. Ping rep set me up with a 10.5 and Tour stiff. I was hitting it out of the back of the range with a consistent 5 yard fade. (with a good tailwind, but it was beating my 915 D2 swing for swing). Bought one off the BST. I love this thing. I have to tee it up a little lower than my 915 to get the same ball flight, but it GOES. However, my favorite thing about it is this: I can tee a ball up about 3/4”, move it back a touch, and give it an easy 75% swing and be greater with a sexy low-trajectory bullet that honestly goes about 95% the distance of a normal ball, dead str
  6. All items will ship USPS to lower 48. Callaway MD3 Milled Wedge Set: 52-10 S-grind, 56-12 W-grind, 60-9 S-grind Bought from another WRX member. I used them for 1/2 season, barely used before I got them. Pictures show condition. Dynamic Gold shafts on each. 52 and 60 have PURE Pro standard grips, 56 has Lamkin UTX (with what feels like a couple extra wraps) Price: SOLD Titleist 915 D2 driver (9.5 degree): Used for 2 seasons, but still in great shape. No uglies, only moderate wear on the face and sole. Diamana S+ 62 x5ct X-flex shaft. Shaft is 44 inches, driver plays at 45.5 inches.
  7. Recently switched to a Lamkin oversized on my driver with a shorter shaft. I’m much more accurate and it’s just about eliminated the snap hook that I fought before. Normal swing stays pretty straight and easy to hold it off for a fade.
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