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  1. If it's just over $100 on an Asian website, and that's the only proof of life, it's likely fake.
  2. If you're not very good, there is only one rule when it comes to golf balls. Buy em cheap and stack em deep.
  3. New Apex MB 21. Gorgeous. Hopefully I love them as much as my 18s.
  4. Okay, well they are a lot harder than any other blade i've ever played.
  5. Still playing with the G400 Driver and 3 Wood.
  6. If I play 15-20 rounds per year, it costs anywhere from $975 to $2000, depending on the courses I play. I like to play more than that. I live in the Chicagoland area. Golf in general is very expensive, and it is one of many reasons why golf is (over the long term trend) suffering. I know it bounced back a bit during covid, but that trend is likely to falter again due to playing costs, equipment costs, the fact that golf is very hard for new players, four (and even two) hours is a long commitment away from family for a lot of people, and ever increasing competition for entertainment dollars e
  7. Absolutely more than any other blade i've hit. But it's probably because they aren't 1020.
  8. Hi All - I have played the Apex MB 18s for a couple of years, and have grown to absolutely love them. The Apex's are my favorite irons i've ever played. Well, I just got Wilson Staff Model Blades 2-PW, because I hit them well and loved the look, but I cannot get used to the feel. Is it me? They feel much more like a cast club than the forged clubs I'm used to. The Apex MBs are so much softer. Any thoughts? Is this known, or am I the only one? I am now going to move into the Apex MB 2021s.
  9. Thank you. How many times can they be bent in a life time. Also if a swing changes can the be adjusted the opposite way?
  10. Simple question - how many "bends" do clubs have in their lifespan? Also, is it safe, after getting clubs bent, to have them looked at by a better club fitter, and getting them bent again a few days later?
  11. I could return them but they have none left. It was the last set. The marks were left by the clamp when the irons were being bent.
  12. Thanks. I was worried about getting them adjusted there. I should have gone elsewhere. They saw the marks and said it happens with forged clubs and it won't affect play.
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