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  1. here you go - it's in ze cooler: https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1227822-bradley-hughes-right-arm-and-pivot/ there's a lot of good information in that thread and is very funny at times.
  2. I am genuinely interested in the missing puzzle pieces and looking forward to any Hogan discussion. Any hints as to what the missing pieces involve?
  3. hey guys - I purchased this mid 80s Texan about a year ago and Dave was kind enough to restore/rebuild for me here is the original condition:
  4. The 1954 original stamping would be either WW or WWT with ‘SPECIAL’ below. WW1 is incorrect. Also as mentioned above the insert and sole plate are not correct. Looks like a ‘58 or ‘59 TP1W, and the ‘59 was offered with the Toney Penna signature on the crown, so that’s likely what it is/was.
  5. Confirmed - 1973 to 1975 per Kaplan. They were available as ladies clubs in 1975 only. #3 shaft would be men’s clubs. LH available for Rex! But only in #2 shaft.
  6. I have ‘60-61 dynas that are pinned and ‘62 turfriders that are not pinned so looks like ‘61 was the last year
  7. (At 11:30) Spalding is one of the few manufactures scoring through the screws. good to know!
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