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  1. Looking for thoughts on this for a fairway wood or reviews on it. Thanks.
  2. Anyone use a drago 75 in a fairway wood and care to review.
  3. Hoping to play next week Sunday. Not sure how far south I need to drive to play. We’ll know more end of next week. Anyone know if anything is open in Indiana.
  4. Also was told perhaps the Accra tz5 or va composites raijin I don’t know much about either.
  5. I’ve considered an Oban kiyoshi purple 65 05
  6. I may be Looking to reshaft the new epic speed 4 wood coming in next week. The fitter didn’t have any non-stock options to try. I love a lighter weight shaft say around upper 60s to low 70s weight. Looking for a mid to higher launch shaft but with mid spin. I have always preferred tip stiff shafts without a loading zone. I never get along with graphite design shafts. Also not looking for a counterbalanced shaft in the fairway wood either. Any recommendations?
  7. I carry three brands of wedges and play as a plus. Mizuno t20 50,54 they don’t spin as much and blend to my mp20mb. Sm8 d grind which is great in rough and sand and damp conditions. Then zipgrind 62 bent to 63 for tight lies and high landed shots. The Cleveland definitely spins more than the equivalent vokey
  8. The 18 degree model was actually quite a bit higher than a driving iron. I would say this would hit a green and stop quickly. Did I say it felt amazing was was super forgiving and not draw bias.
  9. I'm not 100% sold on my 4 wood shaft, will have exact setup in another 10 days. The only question mark in the bag is that shaft. Super excited for this spring season.
  10. Did you happen to hit the apex pro 21 2 hybrid and compare it to your pxg?
  11. We’re in the same boat up in Grand Rapids. Will be quite some time until we see grass
  12. I would say the stock 24 degree club will be 210ish
  13. I like to carry an extra wedge so would rather swing 3/4 or hit a hold off cut. The 3 hybrids will cover 200-240 for me.
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