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  1. Blackthorn looks great, warren looks solid too.
  2. thanks guys. is there anything closer to Niles, in case i get out late?
  3. Going to be here on work for next several weeks and looking for recommendations on where to golf within a 30 minute drive. Thanks!
  4. The 5 hybrid is 23 degrees and is replacing a 4 iron. Still playing my 5 iron. It seemed to give me a 20 yard gap to my 18 degree hybrid
  5. Just ordered a #5 hybrid to add to the bag. I can't believe I'm doing this but just can't get the stopping power of a long iron anymore and don't like high lofted fairway woods.
  6. Looking to perhaps swap out my mizuno mp20 mb 5 iron. It flies too low and spin is too low for me. Any recommendations on a replacement for it. Considering a t200 5 iron and perhaps a t200 utility 3 iron.
  7. Be careful they come with s200 shafts. Not the ti s400 like the mg2 tw wedge. So stupid tm
  8. Wish they made a tw gap wedge too. Which model are you guys using here? Or another OEM
  9. I’m gaming 75x in driver. Seems more stable than 65x in driver for me.
  10. 2 items to sell (not interested in trades): 1. Sik Pro C-Series with LA Golf shaft 42" Armlock Putter (standard specs). Including upgraded USA head cover. Buyer is in perfect condition. $700 shipped 2. Vokey SM8 Raw 58D Wedge with DG TI S400 shaft with standard specs. This has rust but only used a few rounds and is in very good condition. $100 shipped.
  11. OP here. I’ve been given some great advice guys. Passing on the RF, I’ve never liked the ventus blue and have hit it a couple times. Previously played the tour spec black and liked it. So ordered the tour spec red 7x and putting a titleist tip on it to use with the 15 degree head. Thanks again.
  12. Definitely not interested in a hinge shaft so the rf is out. I have hit the ventus blue and never liked it (I’m sure one of the few) as it just didn’t sync with my swing. I love the feel of my white 1k in the driver as to how it loads and feels. Will the ventus red feel similar to the blue? Anyone hit the tour spec red?
  13. I'm looking to assemble a higher launching 3 wood. Can someone please compare the following shafts because I have no way of hitting any of these in a fairway wood: 1. Ventus Red 7X 2. Atmos Tour Spec Red 7X 3. Diamana RF 70X
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