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  1. No desire to even try another driver. I heard they are amazing though. First time in many years I’m confident with a driver in my hand and results are damn good.
  2. I just hit the new zx utility yesterday and it looked so much better than u85. The shaft in it was too light so hard to tell Performance . Definitely looking forward to hitting the 20/21 degree this winter.
  3. I like Titleist as a whole and really like new equipment like most of us, the results didn’t lie. I’d be curious how many tour players are using the new fairway wood. I’m guessing not many even though they are highly encouraged to use it.
  4. Just had full access to their fitting cart today with the fairway woods. I love my driver and no desire to look elsewhere. Moving on, I think both fairway woods are a step backwards. They both sit up closed in standard position. I flattened both lie angles and they still looked close. Also, I never felt like they never felt solid. I pulled out my TS2 15 degree and way better feel, look, and results. Save your $$ and keep current model.
  5. I won't ever hit a full lob wedge shots, at most I would play it 40 yards. This works great on partial shots, in the rough, even the bunker. This just works.
  6. I replaced my mizuno lob wedge with this new 62 low bounce. I’m not sure if it’s the wider sole, spinner shaft, or grooves but way more spin and comes out higher with steeper decent angle. Great around the greens and surprisingly works in the bunker too. I would never play this in a gap or sand wedge though. Too spinny. Stick with my mizzys.
  7. does anyone know what x flex shafts come in the new titleist fairway cart?
  8. Can anyone please tell me where to find Brysons Cobra puma red blue head cover? Thanks
  9. Any recommendations on shafts for driving iron. 95 grams is just too light.
  10. Looking to replace my TMB 3 iron with one of the above two options in title. I would put a VTS Silver 85X in the hybrid (to match my 18 deg hybrid) or a Srixon U85 with ?? shaft. My current TMB 20 degree has a DG TI S400 and is just too heavy and doesn't launch and spin high enough off the deck for the carry I want with it or to hold greens. I play to a plus index with driving swing speed of 103. Please give recommendations and why. THANKS!!
  11. had a M craft that was great on short and mid length putts but never cared for it on distance putts. I just picked up the Select, played first round with it and didn't care for it on slower greens.Back to Mizuno...
  12. Diamana thump in dhy would be my preference. Too light of a shaft in the stock dhy.
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