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  1. Anyone know what grip is on the Cleveland Huntington Soft putters - the soft blue?
  2. Hey folks! Looking for something along the lines of Lamkin Crossline Tour or GP v55 grip, available in Canada. My stock of Crossline tours is done, and I’ve tried GP Align - but really miss the visual lines on top of the grip. Any suggestions would be great!
  3. ***Edit would like them built up to .925**
  4. Thanks so much for the detail. If I’m going into a big box golf store (where they don’t get too technical with grip installs), and I have a standard size grip with a 60 core would I add 3 layers of tape? And if it’s 3, would I frame it as: 1) 3 layers of BU tape? or 2) 1 + 2 layers? or 3) 1 + 1 + 1? Ive heard of all 3 being used... I’m clearly not an expert, so want to make sure I articulate it correctly. Thanks again!
  5. Club builders looking for some answers. 15 years ago I had some KZGs made, and haven’t been able to figure out how we built the grips up, as I wanted to replicate the same on clubs since. Theyre basic lambkin cords (580 round)... when I asked the builder, he said he built them up .975. Any idea what that means?
  6. Wondering if anyone has recommendations for a cart with a Titleist Players4 bag. The Blade Quattro seems great, but will consider any suggestions.
  7. I currently have a SM C130S and SM Speed Cart (both from approx 2014). The setup is fine, but I’m looking for a smaller bag. Looking at Pings Hoofer Lite, and CEL... and Titleists Carbon and Players4. Wondering if anyone has experience with any of those bags on push carts, or other suggestions.
  8. Been gaming a Yes! Natalie for 10+ years. In recent years, I haven been putting well... went for a fitting long story short, my SBST stroke isn’t as natural as it once was and it was suggested I allow the natural arc to happen in my swing and go to a putter that isn’t centre shafted. Whether this means a plumbers neck, single bend, double bend, etc. I don’t know where to start. Open to mallet and blades... A buddy suggested grabbing an Odyssey White Hot Pro #1, since they’re cheap being older models, to help get a better idea of what I like before making a bigger investment... Any other sugge
  9. As the title reads, I’m wondering what blade options I have for my SBST. I want to avoid center shafted model, and know that the old Ping Answer 5 is apparently an option but I’d like to buy new (or used near perfect condition). Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  10. Hey guys, I had a driver fitting yesterday. The pro didn’t have all the Cobra F9 fitting options yet, which is what I really wanted to try. Instead I ended up with a TS2, which worked nicely. But still would’ve liked to have hit the F9. I’m wondering if I take a chance and get the F9 with the shaft I got fit with the TS2 for - probably a stupid question, but the reviews and numbers the F9 has are hard to ignore. For background the Shaft I ended up with on the TS2 is Even flow T100 white 75, 6.5 flex, 75g weight, cut to 44.5. (TS2 8.5* set at C1). Any feedback would be great.
  11. Before the season ends I’m considering getting fit for a new driver - as everything is fresh now (rather than in the spring), and so I can start next season with a new stick right away. My hesitation is, say I get fitted for G400 and the appropriate shaft.... but say ping comes out with a new driver in March - is it likely that shaft will be right for the new model? Or should I just wait until the spring in case new models potentially start coming out?
  12. Between Glen Oak and Diamond Hawk... any recommendations.
  13. If this has already been brought up / proposed my apologies ... but what about this: Using the i210 4-W standard loft, and blending in the i500 3 and 4 power spec but using them more as a 2 and 3 iron?
  14. Thanks for all th feedback. Next time I’ll send them into Ping to be safe!
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