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  1. What about the putter? You might as well sell that too, you aren't starting from scratch otherwise!
  2. Patrick & Keanu would not be happy about that frame job. The putter is nice too
  3. My Blueprints would beg to differ.
  4. The Silver Scots are a great introductory blade iron with a slightly larger offset and head size. Great feel too. Would highly recommend for all you virgin blade users out there! GLWS!
  5. Absolutely fantastic irons, wish I still had a set! GLWS!
  6. You may want to read through this post... https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1637980-a-warning-before-buying-a-vessel-bag/
  7. Just couldn't resist this snazzy Jones Golf bag...
  8. Well, it's a good thing you don't live here, because that is exactly the case... outrageous indeed! Any course I've played (in Canada at least) does not allow outside liquor onto the course. They don't typically police it very well, but that might change this year. I'm surprised there hasn't been more push back from golf establishments... liquor sales has to be a pretty decent money generator, especially when they host corporate tourneys or similar which are just big drunk fests. I know I've had some great times getting drunk on the course with good friends
  9. Although I do agree the influx of new golfers are contributing to 5+ hour rounds, I've also noticed a lot of of players with insane pre-shot routines that take forever to execute! Range finder, 3 long deliberate practice swings, 10-15 seconds wiggle over the ball, rinse & repeat. Damn it's tedious! On a side note, due to some short sighted COVID related restrictions in my area, you can only purchase alcohol if seated at a table and eating a meal. Therefore you cannot purchase or consume liquor on the course for this season. Maybe that will help reduce the 5 hour rou
  10. A little effort goes a long way! In my experience, customer service is pretty much dead, but I'm glad to see that isn't the case here. Enjoy your new set of sticks, they look awesome!
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