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  1. I want the F8+ ... But im very doubtful I can get a decent paintjob on to it...it's a very sad FW head....
  2. Any idea how much the shoes might mulligan for? They're not bad, but I have several pairs already...
  3. Just got a couple PMs with questions. Glad people are still wanting to make their own!!
  4. Minor annoyance for me... They are located up the road from my house... But ditched the 3balls policy for warehouse pickup... Was the one thing I had looked forward to with the merger. Good deals on shafts with adapters though...I'll use them whenever I or a buddy needs a random)(stock) shaft
  5. Greetings everyone. All prices shipped. 1/2)I've got the matching sand wedge (54*) and lob wedge (59*) from a Callaway Steelhead XR irons set. Used for a couple months, great shape. Regular flex, standard L/L/L. I can include an uncut kbs satin stiff shafts for an extra $5 if you desire $50 each or $90 for both
  6. Brand New, only removed from pouch for pictures. $50 Shipped via USPS First Class Package in a bubble mailer.
  7. If you can't get a ferrule from them, Try a single layer of fiberglass drywall tape (the square grided stuff) as a spacer? What driver head are you using? How are you putting that on that shaft?
  8. I recently got FW head, and it had a chip on the top of the crown. So after several annoying touch up attempts (color matching, finish smoothing, dust/debris in clear coat) I finally got a finished result I was happy with. (after two damned days) Then I went to take it off the shaft adapter... And it came off, I fumbled it, and it hit my garage floor. :( Trailing edge scuff, not bad, but... Dang. Atleast the worst was on the sole... Won't see it at address. But... That sound as it hits the floor. *sigh* sometimes you just can't win. So, who else has similar stories?
  9. The cost problem is, you'd have to have a device with active GPS, locator app, and data connection. Kind of a high priced insurance plan, that doesn't even ensure recovery. Maybe a pre-paid smartphone or something? Dunno how long those data plans are good for, before you have to pay more to keep it active... Eventually, you'd get to a point where its more cost effective to just submit an insurance claim on your homeowners insurance (if you have it) for the whole bag. Take picutres of your usual bag contents (clubs, balls, rangefinder, bag, etc) to make the claim easier to submit. You might b
  10. Damn. 1 inch hemming and I'd be all over them... Do you know if the excess was cut, so I'd be able to let the hem out a bit?
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