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  1. 100% This isn't that complicated of a situation. OP confused some of you by writing "provisional". Once you take relief and play on, that's that. There is no, I'll take relief from the penalty area and if if I find my ball along the way I can cancel that shot and play the original ball. I think that is where the OP is a little confused.
  2. Not until you make a stroke at it.
  3. Yes. I'm sure they have stylists and tailors to get the clothes fitting the way they want to watchers to see. I think there is sour grapes. People not liking what RL did and then saying, "Well, he never looked good in RL anyway so it's their loss, not his."
  4. My g400 irons are very forgiving across the face. But no club will fix that hook.
  5. Some restriction is unavoidable. I prefer a much tighter baselayer than that long sleeve UA mock. Played today and it was 38°F with a good breeze. Wore the TSLA mock from Amazon. It's tight but stretchy and moves well. On top of that I could go with a 1/4 zip or Windlite and Adidas FrostGuard jacket or packable down vest. I'm always taking off something or putting something on while I play to try and get that perfect level of comfort. I'll typically start off with the baselayer, 1/4 zip, and Frostguard and after walking 5 or 6 holes be down to just the baselayer and 1/4 zip.
  6. If they weren't going bankrupt, I'd say Brooks Brothers.
  7. I had a pair of pink shorts but lost weight and they don't fit any longer. My wife hates Tiger due to the numerous dalliances and my wife hates cheaters. But my wife does like that Tiger has a Sunday outfit of black and red. Should I become a golf pro my wife says that my Sunday outfit will be gray and pink. So I say yes to pink shorts, pants, or shirts.
  8. I was in a bar a few years ago and golf was on TV and the guy next to me noticed I was watching it. He asked if I played and the conversation progressed to asking me my handicap. Told him I was a 9. His response was unexpected. He got very excited and yelled across the bar to his friends that I as a single digit handicapper and they all came over to ask me questions. Quite bizarre. I've gotten a little better since then and but say just I'm ok.
  9. I have the 917f2 and have only been able to hit it high and straight. I'm not complaining.
  10. Tour Edge lifetime guarantee. Or buy extended warranty.
  11. I'm in my house 18 years and about 1/4 of the way through painting the interior. I hate painting. Just don't have the patience for it.
  12. I have a bag like that, too. Didn't even count the slots the first year I had the bag and carried 15 clubs. Why would they make a bag with 15 slots? Someone told me it was for the ball retriever. Who knows.
  13. There are a few DTC brands like Sub70 that have sprung up recently. Sub70 has a demo program if you want to try them out. As far as I know, Wishon are components only available through a club builder. Not sure how you try them out unless the builder has some demos.
  14. I'm holding out until the stash runs down which might be in a year. Been using the same Supersoft ball for the past 3 rounds. Thought I lost it last week. Hit a drive into the sun and pulled it a little left of the FW. Couldn't find it in the rough and I look and it's in the FW.
  15. I had a good experience at Perfect Swing in Toms River about 6 years ago. Sorry, can't give you anything more recent.
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