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  1. No one i know cares what iron you used for approach shots.
  2. That spot in the bag was always problematic for me. Hybrids went left. Long irons were hard to hit and didn't go high enough or spin enough with my paltry swing speed. Tried an old Nike 7w with an S200 steel shaft a few years ago. It just ballooned like crazy. Never seen anything like it. Bought a 21° Titleist 917f with a stiff blue board shaft off eBay a couple months ago and it's money for me. Same as goaliedad above, it's my 190-200 yd club.
  3. Sounds like none of them did it for you. What's left, Blueprints? Srixons? MP20?
  4. I'm American and inside the leather always meant the length of the putter grip to me. This new fangled definition seems mighty generous.
  5. His second ball is in play. The 3rd ball was a provisional if the 2nd ball was lost in the general area that was not needed.
  6. USGA let the equipment get out of control themselves. They have to sleep in their bed. No one is complaining so why is there a problem that needs to be fixed. So the older courses can be overpowered and their design elements are obsolete. Time marches on. The courses were designed for a past that no longer exists. Bulldoze them under and build new courses if that is such a problem. Or instead of bifurcation which is idiotic, have a special ball for certain pro tournaments and amateur tournaments. I thought it was the neatest thing when I was a kid and they used a different ball in the
  7. If you gained 10 to 20 yards, I wouldn't why about why. Those adjustments don't work for me. Maybe the first couple of shots. After that it's all the same. Guess my brain overrides any adjustments or changes in loft of face angle.
  8. I didn't hear that part but was laughing at him. No one has traveled more than me. If I lived in America I would have won more majors. Looked like Jack was cracking up when Gary sings the same old song. Here's the replay. I tuned out after "farmer". The question asked was Is it more rewarding to win majors or design golf courses?
  9. I met Tony at Bethpage. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Family man. Think he has Rickie Fowler disease, though.
  10. My wife asked me yesterday if Bryson came from money. Bryson is a rich people name but she said he didn't act like he came from money. I'm sure he's happy about the $2M check but he seemed happier about this victory validating his swing, clubs, and bulk up strategy.
  11. I don't worry about distance control with range balls. They're inconsistent.
  12. I striped the ball yesterday and my team shot 67. I was off today, missed 5 greens badly and had 3 bad tee shots and we shot 65. Eight bad shots over two days and I'm a little upset. No reason to be. I hit a lot of great shots over 36 holes. Was talking to a friend of a friend of a friend today and he said, Golf is so relaxing. A place to unwind and relieve stress. If we hit a bad shot today, we will hit a good shot tomorrow. I wish I could internalize that mindset. My expectations are too high and unrealistic. I feel better already.
  13. Man, when I was 20, my 50 degree club went 115 yds. Now at 57, my 50 degree club goes 85 yds. But I am a lot more accurate with it today. Some of it is lost swing speed and some is I just don't swing as hard. I just can't fire my muscles like I used to. But that's not a good way to swing. Proper swing mechanics are better than huge lag, weight shift, and hand-eye coordination that i could get away with when I was younger.
  14. Admittedly, did not factor in the fitness aspect of walking 72 holes in 4 days. I don't know Obee well enough to bust his chops about his fitness level or bag full of tiny head covers but hopefully it's nothing a fitness regime couldn't fix in a few months.
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