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  1. Curious why the penalties are so lenient. Caught cheating should be DQ at the first infraction.
  2. I was in my mid 20s, belonged to a low end private club. Played golf pretty much everyday it didn't rain or snow. Don't remember much, if any, talk about equipment except putters. I paid $250 for a used set of FG17s and was given a hand-me-down set of Hogan laminated Speed Slots that were replaced by Pittsburgh persimmons and alternated between an Anser and 8802. Life was good. I played Surlyn (usually Dunlop Blue Dots) back then because I couldn't control balata side to side and they balooned on me. Although, I didn't know that term back then.
  3. I play 9 often. The short course near me allows me to get in a quick 9 if I'm missing golf but don't have a lot of time. Getting 9 in on my "lunch break" is great. But if I payed for 18, I'm playing 18.
  4. My reply was addressed to sekrah whose post I quoted and he/she clearly wrote first tee box.
  5. I interpreted first tee box to mean first hole.
  6. All good as long as it's before the first stroke.
  7. There is a large variety of skill levels among the guys I play with. The best player is about scratch and blasts his irons. Big divots, lots of dynamic deloft. He's two clubs stronger than me. Another guy about 3 plays almost all punches. He's two clubs weaker than me. We play a 135 yd par 3 and I'm hitting 8i, one guy has pw and the other has 6i. We usually all hit the green. Other guys that are 12 and above will hit 8i but can't control the club face and hit the ball all over the place. They'd be better off with a controlled 7i. I could hit a 9i 135 but I can't control it. Just the
  8. I know that would be me. All that traveling gets old and tiresome. Especially with $100M in the bank.
  9. I've heard that, too. But I was in Japan a few years ago and my host took me to dinner for shabu-shabu. We got to talking and he is a big golfer. Plays Callaway Apex. I asked him, What, no forged in Japan blades? He laughed and said they only make you look good, not play good. I've even seen made in Japan putter grips on eBay at a huge markup.
  10. Everyone knows he's only good for 230 with the driver.
  11. 20-25 yds is a good gap.
  12. I found two dozen Diablo Tour balls in my drawer of balls that I purchased a few years ago. They were back with the Pinnacles and whatnot that I get for free in outings. Last time I tried the Diablo Tour they seemed extremely hard. I'll try them out again next week.
  13. The best player in my circle is about scratch and he's been playing Kirkland balls. Mostly because they're inexpensive. We played last week and he spun one back a good 20 feet on the green. So I believe in Kirkland spin.
  14. You're right. Don't know why I thought differently.
  15. This guy sounds like my wife's ex. And my ex. Usually, the degenerates find each other given enough time. Give him the time.
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