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  1. It if becomes illegal, wear long sleeves and say the grip is just resting on the fabric but not your arm. We'll all vouch that you're an honest guy and you'll be in the clear.
  2. There are 12 steps unless you Aussies use a different program.
  3. I played just a lot from 1978 to 1988. Then got serious with a woman and got married, had kids, etc. Only played about 5 times in 10 years. Got divorced and some guys at my new job played so I got interested again but we never played. I even lugged my clubs down to North Carolina for a business trip but we never got a chance to play. Started to play a few times a year just in case guys from work wanted to play. New job my new boss said he played and wanted to play with me. Had been about 20 years now since my hiatus began so we went out. My boss and a woman at work and me. They basical
  4. Compared to those traditional lofts from the 80s, today's game improvement clubs are jacked 2 to 3 clubs and today's blades and players clubs are jacked 1 club. But what difference does it make. Know your distances and hit the ball.
  5. Some recreational players know the rules better than a lot of pros. The usga/ra don't do themselves any favors by changing irrelevant things like how to drop the ball or the change of water hazard to penalty area.
  6. Not sure if it matters to my game but I'll use this as an excuse!
  7. I changed my swing to get rid of hooks. I still draw fairway woods on occasion and I can live with that but in general, I don't like seeing the ball go right to left.
  8. If you need to boot a club in order to add a lob wedge or something and if have ample chs, the 3w is an easy choice..
  9. Saw this pin sheet and don't know how to fully read it. I get the paces front to back and the hole position paces from the front and from the side edge. What do the numbers on the right represent, the +2 on number 6 and the -5 on number 12?
  10. TM M Gloire irons are light.
  11. With my swing speed I hit the hybrids all about the same distance. The 4h goes a little higher with more spin. The 3h goes a little lower with less spin. Not enough delta for me to carry both. I've since ditched both of them due to lefts for a 7 wood. Man, that 7 wood is money. I'm thinking about an 11 wood.
  12. The best wedge players that I play with don't have anything special for equipment. One scratch guy uses the set wedge that came with his box set of clubs. I go back and forth between my set SW and a blade SW. The older Cleveland CG14 and CG16 are a good compromise between blade and CB.
  13. I agree. 2b's video above does show the pros have a different etiquette for that. That was one thing I noticed when I attended tour events in person. They are very quick on and off the tee when hitting driver. Guess with spotters they don't need to worry so much about finding their balls and can take their eyes off them.
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