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  1. Check out Ping Tyne 4, Odyssey 7s, Two Ball 10s, or the Spider X slant neck.
  2. Are you asking about shoes or the actual spikes?
  3. I fix about 3 or 4 ball marks on every green by whacking them with my putter. Works well if the greens are soft enough. I'll pull out the tool if whacking is insufficient.
  4. If you still have a referral code, please message it to me. Thanks
  5. Srixon tri-speed tour. Great ball for me. Last year was Z-star, Tour B RX, and Chrome Soft. They're fine. My game does better with a less spiny ball. No problem holding the greens I play with Surlyn and I don't play high spin shots around the green. After 40 years of trying, I've given up trying to hit the spinny chip shot. As Phil says, it's sexy but high risk. Have a few doz TM Tour Preferred that I use in scrambles because I hate them and don't bother looking for wayward shots too hard.
  6. You're using old rule thinking. They changed the definition of holed when they changed the rule to allow the flagstick to remain in the hole.
  7. Gotta go with a mix and match set. The older the better.
  8. People are just too strange about golf rules to have a one size fits all policy. If I'm playing with someone new and they are uncertain I'll guide them what people do and then tell them what the actual rule is. They are often surprised that so many don't play by the rules. Some folks want to learn the rules, some think they know them, and some just don't care about the rules. I got paired up randomly with the club champion at the local muni. I hit my drive on the 10th hole near the OB line. He looked incredulous that I started walking and didn't hit a provisional. He asked what I was going to do if my ball was OB. Told him I'd just drop and play on. He grumbled about that. Then when we got to the green, he asked if my ball was in bounds. Yup, by about a foot. Maybe he was playing some imaginary match against me in his head that I wasn't aware of.
  9. At a certain point, the club is optimized and it's up to the player to swing it consistently. SS of 110 mph and spin at 2300 rpm is great. Really great. It's up to you now.
  10. Rickie is 24th on the all time PGA money winners with $40M. I think he wakes up every morning without much frustrations.
  11. Seems like yall are conflating what it is with what it should/could be.
  12. My foursome let two singles play through today. Then they each played through the slowpoke foursome in front of us. I asked them if they'd like to play through. It was surprisingly undramatic. If I'm out as a single, I'll usually wait on the tee until the group ahead gets to or off the green so that I can play the hole without delays. However, if there is someone behind me, I will tee off when it's clear to do so.
  13. I played with a Tour trainer who is friend's with a friend of mine but we didn't discuss his compensation. I was more interested in who's cool and who's not on Tour. But he didn't seem like he was hurting.
  14. I love my forgiving irons. I don't hit middle every time I almost always get the club head back to square more or less. I'm the perfect player for Ping G irons. I don't see any downside to them. I've given up playing fancy high, low, draws, or fades. Playing 18 holes once a week they do what I need them to do.
  15. Reminds me of a very memorable flight I took home. There were two young Hindu monks at the boarding gate that made me very curious. I wanted to talk to them to see what they were about but thought that would be rude. They were bald and dressed in orange robes. Lo and behold they are both sitting in my row. I'm on the aisle. We say hello and after about 5 or 10 minutes the monk sitting next to me says, How are you doing, Leo. I play if off totally nonchalant. I'm fine. And you? He says he's good and asks if I'm wondering how he knows my name. Apparently they can't sit next to women and someone at the airline sat them next to me. We had a great time talking about their religion and I have a standing invitation to attend their temple.
  16. My base for winter is a pair of puma winter golf pants, TSLA base layer mock from Amazon, quarter zip, and vest or wool sweater. Will go to an Addidas golf jacket if the vest isn't enough. Golf mittens and hand warmers are key. Some fairly thick socks. No long johns. My legs get too hot.
  17. It's not your fault. The chemtrails lower your cognitive abilities.
  18. I'd wear crew socks before no shows.
  19. I love my G400 irons. Almost no surprises from them. Every good hit with them turns out good. The only surprises are some bad hits turn out good, too. I love the progressive offset. Weird thing is that I over draw blades but hit offset shovels dead straight. No problem stopping the ball on the green with 5 on up. I can't stop the 4i on the green but think that would apply to any iron. I play my G400 from 4 all the way to SW. Hit the SW great so no reason for me to kick it out for a specialty wedge.
  20. I'm trying to think if I have any friends outside of work that I don't golf with, at least now and then. Don't think I do. I'm like the opposite of Harvey Penick. If you don't play golf, you're not my friend.
  21. Ain't that right. I remember hearing about this swing though like 40 years ago. Had it in my head for some pitch shots and medium length chips. Hit something like 5 pins that day. It was crazy. And then it stopped working. LOL.
  22. The sportsbooks are heavily favoring the Americans. EU is +240 while USA is -215. A $100 bet on EU pays out $340 while $100 bet on USA pays out $146. You can make some money if think the EU are really the favorites.
  23. He is right that the media and fans make more of it than is really there. It's golf. That said, the EU team looks rather weak this year and on American soil, I can't see the Americans losing. I wanted to bet on the Americans but they are such favorites that there's no value in that bet.
  24. Portrait orientation - no. But if I turn my phone to landscape orientation then I see the signatures.
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