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  1. Installed a new shaft into my F9, cut it to 43.5". Also added a heavier weight to the head to get SW back to D3. So far I love it. Hitting more fairways, and only giving up 5 meters max. Highly recommended!
  2. That's quite unfortunate. I was hoping the gap wedge matched the irons, as I use it as an iron, not a wedge.
  3. I have seen a few sets in local shops here in Australia. Both irons look very good, but unfortunately none of the sets I have seen included a Gap Wedge. Has anyone seen them yet, or are there any photos floating around of them?
  4. These were released in Australia this week, we got our demo sets into our pro shop today. That seller is a well known trusted seller/shop here in Australia, I've had no issue dealing with him in the past.
  5. All the way back to Bio Cell will work. Amp Cell was the last driver with the old adapter.
  6. Looking for a set 4-UW or 5-UW. Right handed. Black or Blue dot. Stiff steel shaft preferred. Looking for a super clean set.
  7. Only half way through his UA contract. Who will take over naming rights to his shoes? The Fitzpatrick 1's might not have the same buzz about them.
  8. That's kind of my point. If there is 1 scratch golfer in the world who can do it, it can be done. Either way, we both agree it's well more than 1 who could.
  9. Statistically 3.9 of those 1000 scratch markers would flip 8 straight heads. So how many of those 1000 scratch golfers would have to break 85 for you to be satisfied it was meaningful? I was being generous with my 5/1000. Some people seem to hold Augusta in such high regard I didn't want them to get too offended. I actually think the number is closer to 1/10 of the hypothetical 1000 brought up by RD. I actually think if the scenario was presented at a course that people aren't as familiar with, the odds would go down significantly. There wouldn't
  10. Exactly. I agree it's not very likely. But it's not impossible. Out of those 1000, I'd be comfortable that at least 5 could do it.
  11. Even if we take the lower case estimate of the 1000 true "scratch golfers", I think it's ludicrous that not even 1 of those 1000 wouldn't break 85 under the original criteria. Doubles will happen, but their target is 85 not 72. Even with 3 doubles, they can still have 6 bogies and 9 pars. I'd have to think they might even get a birdie or 2 in there which will give even more leeway.
  12. There are about 30000 golfers in the US with handicaps between +1.0 and 1.0. Are you suggesting not one of them could break 85 as per the original stipulations?
  13. Good result. Talked to previous owner, he apparently has contacts at Callaway, so will be returning it to Callaway via himself, as apparently this is a known issue. Fingers crossed...
  14. Unfortunately I am in Australia, and the putter was modified by a previous owner, so not really getting anywhere with Callaway (nor do I expect to). Also makes it hard to send it to Spryevo without blowing the $$$.
  15. Out putting today and noticed my putter had a new dead sound/feel. Had a good look at the insert, and it is loose, and sitting slightly proud at the lower edge. I can push it back in but it returns to being slightly proud. Has anyone removed a Stroke Lab insert? I saw the Spry Evo removal vid, I wasn't sure if the Micro Hinge insert would remain in one piece if I tried to remove. Hoping to pull it out and either glue in, or get some double sided tape.
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