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  1. So Bluedot, It's been a while now. What's the final verdict on the new Bobby Grace putter? Are you still gaming your F22? Inquiring minds want to know.....
  2. I'm a sidesaddle putter and put a stability shaft in my 46" putter. I didn't like it. Made the whole putter much too heavy IMHO. But I also read favorable reviews from others. I guess it's something you almost need to try in order to know for sure.
  3. Just curious. I bought a Directed Force about 5 years ago. Has the technology and/or design changed enough that it would be worthwhile to sell the old and purchase another? Or has there not been a lot of change?
  4. I put the ball more forward on shorter putts where line is more important than speed. I move it back closer to my feet on longer putts where lag (distance) is more important than line.
  5. I second this. Sounds like you need a swing philosophy that's more holistic in its approach. Less thinking, more swinging freely. That's Manual De Le Torre. Another would be Brian Sparks and his "Easiest Swing in Golf". Good Luck!
  6. I also like to use the "flamingo" drill. For RH, pull the right (trail) foot way back so you're basically swinging only on your front foot. So I use both. Feet together drill to get a sense of swing the club with the arms around the body while staying in balance. Flamingo drill to get a sense of coming from the inside, and with with some power, while remaining in balance. I almost hit the ball better with the flamingo drill than with my regular swing! Both are excellent and have really helped me with my MDLT swing.
  7. This is very true. So much of it is attitude. I'm not a great golfer, I shoot mid-80's. But when I get real frustrated with my game I try to remember those times when couldn't break 100. Even worse back then was the embarrassing shots I would hit. Sh....nks to someone else's green. Huge slices to someone else's tee box. Super fat shots into water or bunkers when just off the green. I remember thinking how happy I would be if I could just play "non embarrassing golf". Well, I'm there - and sometimes I need to remind myself of that early golf wish! That anything more is just gravy!
  8. I think this was a big "ah ha" moment for me at the range today. I had been struggling with my MDLT swing a bit, especially with my driver, when I realized I was starting my backswing with the one piece, no hand rotation, ingrained from my pre-MDLT days. As soon as I embraced a "toe up to toe up" swing with my forearms rotating away from and then back through the ball on my forward swing - voila! - I started striping everything including my driver. Best thing is the swing felt easy and smooth. Going back to the range tomorrow to see if this holds up. Certainly felt great today!!
  9. I've always been a 10 finger grip guy. Picked up golf late in life (40). Swing philosophies and/or coaches I've chased: Dalton McCrary Straight Shooting Golf Natural Golf (Moe Norman) Heard Super Swing (Moe Norman) BGG Golf (Tom Sanders version of Moe Norman) Graves Brothers (Moe Norman) Kirk Junge (Moe Norman) Peak Performance Golf (Don Trahan and Dave Seeman) Jim Venetos Golf Easiest Swing in Golf (Brian Sparks) Over the last two years I seem to have finally settled in with Manual De Le Torre's swing style and philosophy. I feel really comfortable with it. At 62, this is probably the swing
  10. My experiment with the stability putter shaft is officially over. It just made the club much too heavy for me. So I'm sending my other (backup) F22 back to Bobby Grace to be reshafted with his regular KA shaft. He agreed to do the work for free and pay for all the shipping if he could keep the shaft. Which is fine by me. Saves me the time of getting the shaft off and then trying to find a buyer. I've been putting lights out with regular F22 so I know this is the right move.
  11. I've got to say: Manual De Le Torre is a genius. I'm a mid-handicapper who for the last 10 years has been basically a bogey golfer (break 90 on good days, over 90 on bad). I'm 62 yrs old. I started using his method the middle of last summer. I read this thread. Bought his book (Understanding the Golf Swing) and watched any videos I could on you tube. I even managed to get an in person lesson with Trish Buecher (a MDLT teaching disciple) when I happened to be down in Palm Beach last October towards the end of my golf season (I live in Upstate NY) Whenever I get practice time outside - I do a
  12. Here's a website of everything MDLT. Includes a list of al instructors.https://www.manueldelatorregolfteaching.com/ I personally took a lesson from Trish Buecher in Pam Beach FLorida and she was excellent. I've also heard good things about John Hayes (he's also in Florida)
  13. Absolutely! I played yesterday and was putting lights out with my F22. I predict it eventually keeps its #1 ranking in your bag. Do keep us informed on the ups and downs with the new putter. If you do end up liking it over the F22, I'd give it some serious consideration for my own bag given your history and knowledge of SS putters.
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