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  1. Have this coming next week. Won it in a FB game. Don’t know much about this Newport Beach model as in personal experience with a sound slot but I’m excited to give it a roll. Anyone ever roll one of these?
  2. Decided to come back to this grip with a different outlook than the first time. Honestly the wristlock idea is a joke with this setup. Great idea but poor initial execution. However…I did find a ton of success using this grip with my claw grip. The top hand locks into place and gives it just enough forward shaft lean for a repeatable stroke. The bottom hand rests nicely on the side of the grip. Big fan of this current setup.
  3. Yea I am keeping my OG SIM Ti for the 3 wood because that’s strictly a tee club for me but I’m looking forward to a smaller profile in the 5 wood and that weight being back farther would be great to get the ball higher on some approach shots.
  4. Anyone upgrade from the SIM Ti 5 wood to the SIM2 Ti 5 wood? Thinking I would like a smaller head shape and the weight further back. Just seeing others experience.
  5. If I had to guess that sounds about right. I don't know for sure to be honest.
  6. Yes I think there is a huge difference. The previous version felt hollow to me. This new head reminds me of the select series in terms of feel. I think this putter feels great and is very stable through impact. Definitely more of a solid impact and sounds great with the TP5X and ProV1X ball that I use.
  7. Ok well I lied...I now own the 5.5 haha Super pumped to have this in hand.
  8. Rolled it at a local shop. They got them in early and let me take it for a spin. Honestly the size is perfect. It’s very comparable to the previous gen x5 but in a much cleaner profile. The slant neck has a nice curve to it. Really a great putter and I will own it for sure.
  9. Seen the 5.5 today...rolled the 5.5 today...fell in love with the 5.5 today. Seriously though this is a phenomenal putter and the overall shape, milling, and head size is perfect. The slant neck is great. I rolled the 35” putter and Swingweight came in at E1. This will be in my bag this year and for a long time.
  10. So the guy I went to order from called them about the bag and they told him they are backordered until August of this year. So that means I will not be getting one this year haha
  11. Yea that’s what I am saying. They apparently did not have the clubs in stock. They has 4-7, and GW but did not have 8-PW which is weird.
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