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  1. As a lefty, what are our options for a 3 and 4 iron for ZX7? Zx5 doesn’t have a 4 iron either and I think the jump between a ZX7 5i is quite big to a ZX UT 4i.
  2. For clarification: the discontinued models account for all different types of spider x models currently on TaylorMade.ca
  3. I just cancelled my order for a Spider X since the season is ending in Canada soon (unfortunately). Hoping there will be a new one next year.
  4. Update: this is a response from TM customer support regarding missing left handed options for the spider x
  5. Just wondering if it’s a good time to buy a Spyder X or if we should wait. I already know about the FCG but that doesn’t seem to be an update for the Spyder X. Thoughts?
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