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  1. Can anyone please compare the 770s to the Titleist 716 T-MBs?
  2. Man, I saw the Newport 2.5 too late! They are so hard to find in lefty... Can I please know how much you sold it for? It’s going to give me an idea for the next time I see one.
  3. More pictures (toe hang + offset) of the Xenon putters please! ?
  4. How many Scotty Cameron putters do you have in your garage???
  5. Check out the Titleist T-MBs. They are a better looking version of the p790.
  6. This is very helpful. Thanks Red!
  7. The M6 with a AD DI was the best combo for me during my fitting. I should also point out that the HZRDUS Smoke is a great stock offering. If you don’t want to spend extra on a Graphite Design shaft like I did, just go with the Smoke.
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