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  1. Never bought back a set of irons, I'm not typically a tinkerer with irons. I did strongly consider buying back my OG M1 3-wood. I was a FOOL to ever trade that thing in or replace it, for 2 years it was the best club in my bag. I think I have another keeper now in my SIM Ti 3W, but I went through like 4 different 3-woods and never really loved any of them. I LOVED my OG M1.... so I sold it like an idiot. Typical WRX'r move! HA! -ZA
  2. Thinking about this the other day.... I love hitting a draw off the tee with my 3W and 3H. It feels so comfortable and controllable. I don't really go for a draw off the tee with my driver or my long irons, I mainly focus on those being straight. It really seems like so many holes I play with a driver are setup for left to right (faders), so a draw with the driver is not great. What shot shapes do you guys like off the tee and why? -ZA
  3. If I'm familiar with the course, I'll get all of the decisions right maybe 4 out of 5 rounds. I don't include "reads" on putts as "decisions". The proper execution of my decisions is a different story all together. I get really frustrated playing new courses sometimes that are "tricked up", as it's almost impossible to make the proper decision/play due to lack of knowledge. -ZA
  4. I upgraded from an M5 3W to the SIM Ti 3W in November. MASSIVE upgrade! I felt like the M5 was very spinny and wasn't as hot as my old M1. The SIM Ti is a BEAST and is better off the deck (better in every way IMO). Hopefully, they kept the hotness with SIM2 Ti.
  5. I'm with you. I live on a semi-private "B" course (not a member any longer). It's a great track, but it is NOT private, it gets beat to death, rounds can be 5+ hours at times, the tournaments are tiny and are a joke, there is no real restaurant/bar, no locker rooms, no "anything". I play at "A" private courses almost exclusively (with friends who are members) and I appreciate the private club aspect immensely. Thrown in 27 holes + an executive 9 + a killer range setup + scenic/beautiful.... I'm in. I can get over a snooty staff and some flies in the summer. That's what bug repellen
  6. I just ordered this.... the 19 deg SIM2 3H with that shaft!!!! Currently playing an M3 with a Fuji Atmos Blue 8H TX. I'm hoping the new SIM2 3H is hotter than my old M3. My M3 was great, but it wasn't near as hot as the RBZ2 Tour 3H it replaced (that thing was a rocket launcher, but was ugly as sin). -ZA
  7. Out on the toe for driver.... and progressively more towards the center of the club face the shorter the club. Wedges off grass are setup so ball is dead center. when I hit my sand or LW out of bunkers, I setup with the ball on the heel/hosel! No fear!!! LOL ZA
  8. I feel like I strike 3 or 4 shots a round like this. It’s something I’ve been working on in my range sessions, but is difficult and takes a bunch of focus (not my normal contact pattern). For me, it boils down to focusing on hitting the ball in the exact center of the club face with a slightly descending blow.. My normal shot is kind of a sweep where I hit the ball a couple grooves below the center of the club face... I get a higher flight with a lot of spin. The compressed shot comes out way hotter, faster, lower and more piercing.... it also feels amazing like I’m smashing a mars
  9. Planks are also really good for strengthening your core and lower back to gain stability. I strongly recommend doing those with the stretching!
  10. Yep... this is a good technique for deep fried egg lies in soft sand as well. Hood that LW and try it out. Instead of a “splash” of sand it throws a compact “wad” of sand out with the ball.
  11. While feeling a little softer and spinning a little more on the wedges is great and all, I hope the new dimple pattern doesn't mess with the trajectory or stability in the wind. I was thinking about that watching the TXG video.... all they can see is launch conditions, but they cannot emulate real ball flight/trajectory. I'm all over the new TP5X though.... I'm almost out of my 2019 gamers.... I'll stock up soon on the new ones.
  12. No, they wouldn’t quit the game, they just wouldn’t buy those irons just like the didn’t buy Hogans when they tried it. They would buy the ones with numbers on the bottom that go 10 yards further than their old irons
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