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  1. Wow... this thread was once pretty cool, but now is filled with whiners and isn't cool. Way to go guys.
  2. That's the net causing the marks. Probably the ball slightly burning/melting (friction) the synthetic fibers of the net and leaving marks on the ball.
  3. Just saw the pictures and I think they look pretty good for the most part. I’m a long time SIM/M5/M1 player who appreciates the adjustability of the sliding weights... I’m not sure I’m on board with that going away. The jury is out for me on that. I’ll be interested in seeing the fairways and the hybrids. I hope they bring back adjustable hosels on the hybrids. I’d be in the market for a new 3H if it looked good and used the adapter. -ZA
  4. Someone PM the goods! I’m dying over here!!
  5. See... I set you up for that one! Wrong driver tho...
  6. I had the same issue. The 4i was killing me and I was automatic with my 3H from anywhere. I built a copy of my 3H with the 4H head and shortened the shaft by 1/2”. Bingo! Now I’m automatic with both the 3H and 4H from anywhere. FYI... 3H goes about 225-230 off the deck and the 4H goes 215 on the number! I’m not a +2, but I am a -3.... make sure you copy your 3H if you already love it!
  7. I totally understand. I've been burned and have sworn off ever getting fit for irons in a bay again. NEVER AGAIN! Wedges seem like a trial and error thing for most people as most public places won't/can't let you hit them on grass. Wedges also seem to me to be the hardest to actually simulate in a bay, it's the exact opposite of a driver where you get a perfect lie every time (tee). -ZA
  8. Well... my opinion on this may not be what you want to hear, but I'll say it anyway. I'd really not invest much effort into comparing WEDGES in an indoor hitting bay, the only thing I'd pay attention to in a bay is wedge shafts, and that's probably still not worth the effort. If there is any way possible, try to get on grass when testing the wedges. How they go through the turf and how a SW acts through the sand means more than anything a TRACKMAN in a bay would tell you. -ZA
  9. I love the current gen TP5X! I can't wait to see what they come up with next. I'm hoping they can eliminate most of the seam, thats about the only thing I don't like about the TP series, and that's VERY minor. I need to try out the TP5's.... I have a box TM sent me that I haven't even hit yet. -ZA
  10. Those are some nice looking CB's! Wilson needs more of a tour presence for people to take them seriously IMO. All they are known for is irons and wedges.... kinda like Mizuno, but with a questionable reputation. Mizuno has a fantastic reputation and they pretty much sell themselves and actually have a market presence in the USA. I agree with others that W/S needs to be branded away from Wilson.... not sure how they are to do that. When I think of Wilson, I think back to my first set of clubs, Wilson 1200 LT's from the early 90's.... that I bought as a full set from a b
  11. My wife thought I was a quack for getting a Theragun, but after a few weeks she and my kids use it more than I do! HA! She's a tennis player, my son does soccer and my daughter does cheer.... everybody is sore all the time!!!! hahahahahaha I mainly use it on my neck and shoulders and occasionally on my lower back. It's something that I highly recommend, but the cheaper units are probably the way to go for most people. -ZA
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