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  1. Made the official switch out to my old TM Ghost spider putter two rounds ago and noticed that I've gone all Taylormade for everything except my golf bag (my Sun Mtn is 100% safe). I never thought I'd be one of those guys again after my failed Titleist fanboy experiment in 2010. I actually feel sorta embarrassed TBH. I'm not really a TM fanboy (except for their woods, been playing TM only woods for over 20 years). I use to laugh at their wedges. I felt like their irons were for "Rocketballz" guys and their balls were Strata wannabe's. I still wear Titleist visors because they fit me the best, so I have that going for me. Oh, how the smug have fallen... LOL -ZA
  2. I replaced my 2i with a 3H back in the day. Couple years ago, I replaced the 3i with a 4H. Both were excellent decisions. They were iron replacements for me, literally. -ZA
  3. I won one of these in a tournament a couple weeks back. Nice putter, but not for me. I’m trying to get the pro shop to give me a credit for it against a Scotty 11.5 phantom
  4. I think with modern drivers, you can move the ball back more towards the middle of your stance and get longer distance. I'm currently in the middle of a 3 month "experiment" where I'm deliberately moving the ball back further in my stance. My mis-hits have improved dramatically (my miss was always a heel strike) and I think my ball speed has as well. Flight is obviously lower and more piercing. One thing I've started trying in the last round I played was teeing it 1/2" - 3/4" higher than I normally do to try to get the impact up on the face. It feels crazy like I'm going to get a sky mark on my driver, but I haven't come close. I will say ball flight and carry/roll seemed to be increased. There have been a couple that felt "odd" and came off really high, but went a LOOOONG way! I need to figure out what happened on those and keep doing it!!! I need to ditch all the 2-3/4" tees in my bag and get some of the longer ones. It's a pain fishing around for long tees. -ZA
  5. 6 birdies and an eagle. I think I shot 80. I think I shot 33-47.... On Fathers day around 2003 or so. Very unpleasant memory, and wasn't just about the golf... -ZA
  6. I appreciate my "privilege" that comes with being a good golfer!
  7. #1 terrible shot that I've seen was made by ME! Early 2000's local qualifier for the US Public Links AM.... 18th hole. Long uphill par 4 with the 2-story clubhouse right behind the 18th green. Probably 150+ spectators, members, organizers and competitors all right near 18 green. We were one of the last 3 to 4 groups in that day, so alot of people were hanging out waiting for the scores to come in. I'm in the middle of the fairway, about 185 yards out and was hitting last in my group. I proceed to nuke a 5i with a tight little draw over the green and it hits the 2nd story of the club house and bounces on the first floor roof and then bounces out into the parking lot adjacent to the clubhouse, makes one huge bounce off the pavement and lands squarely on the hood of a new red Corvette. The Corvette had one of those annoying alarm systems that are insanely loud and can be heard from a mile away and the ball sets that puppy off. The crowd at the green starts howling laughing (it was a roar). My caddy (best friend) looks at me and tosses me a ball and says "nice shot jack AZZ!" and the other players and caddies in our group start howling laughing at me as well. In my moment of confusion and dismay, I take my new ball and walk up the fairway about 75 yards to get a better look at the "situation". I didn't see any OB markers near the parking lot, and there was a marshall standing right there (still laughing). I scream at him asking "is that OB??!!!".... he and the entire crowd yells back "YES!!!!" in unison and start laughing harder. It was a long walk back to my divot to replay the shot... that's all I can say. I was surrounded by people laughing at me and my shot, but mostly at ME... most humiliating situation I've even been in and was the worst shot I've ever seen, given the circumstances. -ZA
  8. When I'm playing well and in the zone, I really just focus on the shot and am pretty oblivious to everything else (including the score). If I make a bogey I feel like I can easily make it up on the next hole, no biggy. When I'm not playing well, I'm typically sweating the score or thinking about swing thoughts or some other crap (fuming about a bad bounce or a 3-putt). It's hard to mentally pull out of a bad round, and turn it around, but I've done it. I'll typically just stop caring (become self aware enough that I SHOULD be enjoying myself regardless of the score) and just accept that it's "not my day"... then I'll plunk down a birdie and laugh. What I find impossible to enjoy or correct is those days when the putter refuses to cooperate and you have no feel or anything on the greens. Scared of every putt, can't make anything, anything over 10 ft can be a 3-putt.... very rare, but they do happen a couple times a season. Utterly depressing. -ZA
  9. Putting the ball on the seam was a "thing" for good reasons... New invention... "FOAM" face inserts! HAAAHA!! -ZA
  10. This thing is so hot. I'd love to roll one. -ZA
  11. I think a 5W with the loft lowered a bit, assuming you have the clubhead speed. Or... a 3W lofted up... I personally find a softer shaft (S) in my 3W to be easier to hit off the deck than any X flex shaft I've tried. -ZA
  12. How I play has ZERO effect on my self esteem, none. How I play does have an effect on my happiness for the day I played. I feel pretty lucky to be able to play as well as I do considering how little I put into it. I’ve also come to the conclusion that I’m streaky/mostly sucky as far as players at my handicap level… that’s taken a lot of unrealistic expectations off my game which in turn allows me to blow off bad rounds easily!
  13. Currently a 4 index and was in the low 2's last year. I basically play once every other week and never practice. I think it would take me playing 2-3X a week for 3-4 months straight and some practice and I would be at scratch. If I played the tips at my home course it would also help as well (it's a couple strokes harder rating on the card but not really any "harder" for me). YMMV -ZA
  14. Most of the events I play in, the rule is 65 and older. There are several guys in my club/golf association who are 65+ that still hit it over 250 with the driver and it really ticks a bunch of us off. As for myself, not sure when I'd move up. Either when the rest of my buddies want to move up (I'm not giving them strokes AND playing further back) or when I got to the point I was hitting mid and long irons into everything and never got to hit wedges. -ZA
  15. Cheers to you Pepper for being a kept man! It's a pipe dream for most of us! HAHAHA!!!! -ZA
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