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  1. The (4) 3 putts in that round were the icing on the cake…
  2. I get it. It wasn’t always a strength, it used to be my biggest weakness. I used to have no idea what I was doing with a wedge other than bunker shots. Every wedge was a moon ball, no control and I used to swing way too hard. About 5 years ago I’d had enough and spent an entire year focusing on wedge play. 90% of the range balls I’d hit were with wedges, mainly SW and GW. Got much better and then found wedges that really worked for me and the light came on. Worked my azz off turning that weakness into a strength. It helps that a proper wedge swing is compact and not some full powe
  3. If I had exaggerated anything in handicapping my game, it may have been my putting. I said it was a 9 cap… it might be closer to an 18.
  4. I had a buddy that used to play with some. He was a mid 90’s type of guy. He “joined” the local TopGolf because he loved it and said he was going to use that for most of his practice. That guy can’t break 110 now. His swing is trash. I think you can become scratch by playing a ton and never practicing, but I think it’s impossible the other way around!
  5. I played the Broadmoor (in Colorado) a few years ago and it was crazy how much farther the ball goes compared to the Carolinas. I got to the range an hour early and used my laser and figured out my “Colorado” yardages. IIRC I was a club longer with irons and about 3/4 club long with wedges. I couldn’t really figure it out with woods or driver, so I played it by ear. Driver was insane…. Turned out, I was hitting it 40+ Yards longer which bit me in the butt a bunch!
  6. Relooked at the card… missed one. I was 1/12 on birdie putts. Toss in another 30 footer to the tally… 10 birdie putts with PW or less. Hit 5 irons to 30 ft and 8 ft of two of the long par 3’s. Average proximity to pin today (birdies putts only) with PW or less: 30+30+20+20+10+8+8+8+7+4= 145 145/10 = 14.5 ft I say that’s pretty damned good.
  7. Better work on that fairway wood and long iron game! Practice that chipping while you are at it!
  8. How about this…played today… shot 78 on a par 71 at Carolina Golf Club in Charlotte, NC. played the Ross tees from over 6700 yard. Rating was 73.0, slope was 142. Look it up if you don’t believe me, which you might not… lol. I went 1/11 on birdie putts. Made: 4 footer Missed: 30, 30, 20, 20, 10, 8, 8, 8, 8, & 7 footers. 9 of those birdie putt approaches were from using PW or less. A shanked 9i and the topped 3W off the tee were my standard issue brain farts that go along nicely with my futility with the putter. Wedge game is on poi
  9. LOL... you guys say that like "it's not possible". Seriously? -ZA
  10. Currently a 4.9 index… Driver - 9 handicap… needs to better 3W - 3 cap… strength off the tee and good off the deck hybrids - 3 cap… can hit them from anywhere with great confidence long irons - 10 handicap… definite weakness, need to improve mid irons - 5 cap… who I am short irons/wedges +3 cap… by far the strength of my game chipping/pitching -3 cap… pretty much a strength Sand game - 5 cap…. Rarely in green side bunkers, but I’m pretty good putting - 9 cap… another weakness I really need to shore up the driver consistency as b
  11. I check handicaps on everyone, as I’m typically the low cap. I’m the one who’s calling out who gets what, stroke wise. The others just nod and go with it. Including the bagger as his handicap in GHIN is BS. ZA
  12. I typically play with a group of 7 or so other guys that belong to private clubs in the area, and we rotate playing money matches at each others clubs. One of the guys is a really fun guy to hang out with and play with, but he is a confirmed sandbagger. We always play for money in this group and everyone is straight up about their handicaps except this one guy. I called him out on our text threads about it (there are probably 4 instances over the last 12 months where he shot mid 70's on a tough course and cleaned our clocks, but never posted the rounds). In fact, we played at a r
  13. I had one in a thin shrub once that was about 5 ft tall. Ball was balancing on a tiny fork on one little branch about 2 ft off the ground. I couldn't believe it was physically possible for the ball to balance in that spot on a branch that little twig of a branch. I don't think I could have placed in on that branch with my hand and got it to stay there... unreal! I should have taken a picture. I turned a 9i upside down and took a lefty swipe at it. I think I advanced it 10 ft. LOL!!! -ZA
  14. I never had a set of Ping irons, but I LUSTED after the copper and nickel ISI's for a long time. OMG they are stunning. -ZA
  15. 1st: 55 degree TM Hi Toe wedge… I’m pretty lethal with it from 105 and in, it’s also money out of bunkers. I always look forward to hitting it because I know I can go pin hunting! 2nd: 15 degree SIM Ti 3W with HZRDS smoke green 6.0 shaft. The shaft is a little too soft for me in any other club other than this one. It goes straight, or draws on command, typically the draw is what I like. I cannot hit a cut or fade with it, so it eliminates the right side of the course. It’s insanely easy to hit off the deck and I crush this thing. It also feels fantastic. It’s a really good intimida
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