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  1. 6 birdies and an eagle. I think I shot 80. I think I shot 33-47.... On Fathers day around 2003 or so. Very unpleasant memory, and wasn't just about the golf... -ZA
  2. I appreciate my "privilege" that comes with being a good golfer!
  3. #1 terrible shot that I've seen was made by ME! Early 2000's local qualifier for the US Public Links AM.... 18th hole. Long uphill par 4 with the 2-story clubhouse right behind the 18th green. Probably 150+ spectators, members, organizers and competitors all right near 18 green. We were one of the last 3 to 4 groups in that day, so alot of people were hanging out waiting for the scores to come in. I'm in the middle of the fairway, about 185 yards out and was hitting last in my group. I proceed to nuke a 5i with a tight little draw over the green and it hits the 2nd story of the club house and bounces on the first floor roof and then bounces out into the parking lot adjacent to the clubhouse, makes one huge bounce off the pavement and lands squarely on the hood of a new red Corvette. The Corvette had one of those annoying alarm systems that are insanely loud and can be heard from a mile away and the ball sets that puppy off. The crowd at the green starts howling laughing (it was a roar). My caddy (best friend) looks at me and tosses me a ball and says "nice shot jack AZZ!" and the other players and caddies in our group start howling laughing at me as well. In my moment of confusion and dismay, I take my new ball and walk up the fairway about 75 yards to get a better look at the "situation". I didn't see any OB markers near the parking lot, and there was a marshall standing right there (still laughing). I scream at him asking "is that OB??!!!".... he and the entire crowd yells back "YES!!!!" in unison and start laughing harder. It was a long walk back to my divot to replay the shot... that's all I can say. I was surrounded by people laughing at me and my shot, but mostly at ME... most humiliating situation I've even been in and was the worst shot I've ever seen, given the circumstances. -ZA
  4. When I'm playing well and in the zone, I really just focus on the shot and am pretty oblivious to everything else (including the score). If I make a bogey I feel like I can easily make it up on the next hole, no biggy. When I'm not playing well, I'm typically sweating the score or thinking about swing thoughts or some other crap (fuming about a bad bounce or a 3-putt). It's hard to mentally pull out of a bad round, and turn it around, but I've done it. I'll typically just stop caring (become self aware enough that I SHOULD be enjoying myself regardless of the score) and just accept that it's "not my day"... then I'll plunk down a birdie and laugh. What I find impossible to enjoy or correct is those days when the putter refuses to cooperate and you have no feel or anything on the greens. Scared of every putt, can't make anything, anything over 10 ft can be a 3-putt.... very rare, but they do happen a couple times a season. Utterly depressing. -ZA
  5. Putting the ball on the seam was a "thing" for good reasons... New invention... "FOAM" face inserts! HAAAHA!! -ZA
  6. I think a 5W with the loft lowered a bit, assuming you have the clubhead speed. Or... a 3W lofted up... I personally find a softer shaft (S) in my 3W to be easier to hit off the deck than any X flex shaft I've tried. -ZA
  7. How I play has ZERO effect on my self esteem, none. How I play does have an effect on my happiness for the day I played. I feel pretty lucky to be able to play as well as I do considering how little I put into it. I’ve also come to the conclusion that I’m streaky/mostly sucky as far as players at my handicap level… that’s taken a lot of unrealistic expectations off my game which in turn allows me to blow off bad rounds easily!
  8. Currently a 4 index and was in the low 2's last year. I basically play once every other week and never practice. I think it would take me playing 2-3X a week for 3-4 months straight and some practice and I would be at scratch. If I played the tips at my home course it would also help as well (it's a couple strokes harder rating on the card but not really any "harder" for me). YMMV -ZA
  9. Most of the events I play in, the rule is 65 and older. There are several guys in my club/golf association who are 65+ that still hit it over 250 with the driver and it really ticks a bunch of us off. As for myself, not sure when I'd move up. Either when the rest of my buddies want to move up (I'm not giving them strokes AND playing further back) or when I got to the point I was hitting mid and long irons into everything and never got to hit wedges. -ZA
  10. Cheers to you Pepper for being a kept man! It's a pipe dream for most of us! HAHAHA!!!! -ZA
  11. I use my 55 or my 60 for those shots, depending on lie and conditions. Some are knock down spinners, some are flops, depends on the pin and the green. -ZA
  12. To be perfectly honest, for me, it's all about leaning the relationship between clubhead speed + loft and carry distance. Having a "matrix" of swing lengths vs. lofts crap in my head would never work (I'm an engineer) for me. I'm way more feel based... kinda like shooting a basketball or throwing a baseball. If you do it enough with proper form, eventually, you don't think about it (angles and speed) and your body just does it. -ZA
  13. I'm no pro, but I can shape any of my clubs with fades or draws. I can even hook my putter.... -ZA
  14. If you are hitting a bunch of GIR, your putting stats will typically suffer if only looking at # of putts per round. That's a very unreliable stat to focus on IMO. You are better off using the strokes gained putting calculator to accurate gauge your putting performance. I typically have a pretty high GIR %, and I get more good looks at birdie than most of my playing partners. So when I have a bunch of 10-20 ft birdie putts and I don't make hardly any of them, I really get down on myself and my putting. The strokes gained putting calculator has helped me to realize that my putting isn't so bad after all. I've also realized that I REALLY NEED to work on my chipping, it's suffered and I don't get up and down nearly as often as I should. As for putting, there are two main goals to help with scoring... #1 ELIMINATE 3-putts (mostly speed control) and #2 Make more of the makeable putts (par and birdie putts). -ZA
  15. Yes, but it's been years since I was fit professionally, but have always gone for lower spin heads and shafts. This head is pretty low spin compared to some of my old ones for sure. I played in a member guest tournament a few weeks back and we were getting slapped around in the 2nd flight by recently retired older guys who hit these high knuckleball drives that took off running when they hit the ground. I was smashing the ball and was only like 5-10 yards ahead of them. It was driving me nuts. My shots didn't look like they were ballooning or anything, but I was getting nowhere near the roll out these old dudes were. -ZA
  16. I reached two long par 5's yesterday with low punched/hard draw 3-wood shots (had to curve it b/c tree limbs) that ran like crazy. I didn't even hit them that hard (but I flushed both), and they just WENT. If I had hit a "normal" 3 wood shot on those, I'd probably have been 20+ yards short. It got me thinking that maybe I should really lower the loft on my driver and try to start playing low bullet shots that run (I'm a high ball hitter off the tee w/driver). I typically get almost no roll in soft conditions and maybe 5-10 yards roll in normal conditions. Driver swing speed is 110-115 depending on how I'm feeling. Currently playing my SIM at 9 deg or 8.25... thinking about going into the lower 7's and see what happens. Any of you guys have any experience with this? -ZA
  17. Couple of my best golf buddies just pound their M6 drivers, their driving got light years better when they started using it. They both use the stock Fuji shaft that came in it.
  18. I went away from Vokeys when the other manufacturers passed them on innovation and tech. Love my Hi Toes, but would easily game Cleveland’s or Callys or other some of the other brands. I feel like Vokeys are not innovative at all.
  19. Almost every time I've had the shanks and was able to diagnose it.... it turned out that I was swaying. It's one of my swing flaws that I get from "over swinging". I normally never "over swing" unless I'm playing in a scramble tournament (I can't STAND playing in those) and start "swinging for the fences". I will typically play very poorly after playing in one of those damn tournaments.
  20. Played again last Friday in a money match, had a rough day, but somehow broke even on the money. Shot 81, only hit 3 fairways and seemed to be scrambling all day. I did put in my SG putting into the calculator and I was +.83 SG putting against a 0 handicap. I "felt" like my putting was good, and it certainly was NOT the problem in this round... LOL. I'll also add that these greens were hard, and fast... just the way I prefer them. My lag putting was on point. They had the pins tucked all over the place, kinda nasty for "Friday" pins TBH.
  21. I've got several I can write about, we play all the time: JB- Pros: Good player (we are close in ability), fun, likes to play lots of different courses, always up for a trip and can be serious about playing (as can I). He wants to WIN that damn member-guest! Cons: Ultimate passive-aggressive trash talker... it threw me off when we first started playing together, now I laugh at his comments. They aren't direct digs, but super subtle little jabs through out the course of the round! I'm much more direct in my trash talking, his style is like a shrink trying to needle into your head. DG- Pros: Funny guy who knows tons of rich people and has amazing stories and seems to be on permanent vacation playing golf and traveling with these other people (not me, dang it). Great sense of humor and talks great trash during the round, he can also handle tons of abuse and laugh it off. Cons: Crazy swing I can barely stand to watch, I mean kinda Matthew Wolf crazy (I typically won't watch and if I do, I have to focus on not laughing). In fact, he's got his eyes closed or looking up when hitting the ball.... He STILL manages to be a 10 handicap or so and occasionally wins money off me. Dat swing tho!!! RP- Pros: Another comedian. LOUD, LOUD LOUD, loves to gamble, always has a new "game", good player, he's "that guy" in our group. White belt guy, obnoxious golf outfits, blaring music. Easy to manipulate if he's not playing well, can easily be derailed with some well timed digs and a few clutch putts by a competitor. Cons: Sandbagger and prone to club throwing and occasional tantrums. -ZA
  22. Agree, and that’s what I’ll start using.
  23. I noticed the break even (nothing gained or lost) for a 5 handicap was 2 putting a 15 footer. Longer 2 putts gained strokes, shorter 2 putts lost strokes. Playing with the numbers a little more.... 15 ft is the "magic number" for a 5 handicap. 1 putting from this distance will gain you a full stroke, 3-putting from this distance you lose a full stroke. Moving further away than 15 ft will gain you even more (greater than 1.0) on a 1 putt and will gain you more than 0 on a 2 putt. That's what stuck with me looking at the numbers. I'm assuming that the lower the handicap the larger the "magic number" is. -ZA
  24. The reason I hate counting number of putts is that it's totally arbitrary and depends on many other factors. For instance, my round on Saturday (shot a terrible 79), I had 36 putts. Two birdies (2 putted a 65 ft eagle putt) and drained a 15 footer for birdie, and had a bad 3-putt from 35 ft. According to that app, I had +3.29 strokes gained (for my handicap) putting, which means in reality, that I putted GREAT! Before I used that calculator, I would have told you I was "meh" on the greens on Saturday, only focusing on the missed birdies. I could DEFINATELY tell you the reason I scored poorly had nothing to do with my putter. -ZA
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