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  1. Bandon State airport is close, but at 3,600 feet is too short for most jets and many turboprops. I’ve flown in there a few times in 4 and 6 place props, back when I windsurfed in the area. It is a former military field, so well built, and there is a small flying club that sells 100LL (no Jet A). Daylight only ops. And abnormally WINDY!!
  2. The 2 rounds totaled about 9 hours (so says my watch!). I turned it off for a long lunch break, then on again for an adjacent course. This was my first use....so as someone said above....maybe the battery life changes over more use cycles. My V2 drained much faster....and even drained slowly when it was turned off.
  3. I received my V3 a couple of weeks ago, and played 36 holes Saturday, using gps+track, and from 100% charge to syncing after the rounds it was down to 3% charge. In my experience that much improved battery life over the V2, but a little more margin wouldn’t hurt.
  4. I’ve been a member at a semi-private course for 4 years. It was substantially less expensive than a comparable private course, and had many of the attributes/benefits others have listed above. It is a great challenging course, phenomenal views, and a covered heated range in the winter and the alternate end was grass for the summer. However, being public it was also very popular for corporate events and charities, so became harder to get tee times and some days were totally blocked out at the range and course. These events also left the course in “fatigued” conditions by mid summer So nex
  5. Most of the private jets fly into North Bend if they can (weather and runway length dependent) so there is still a drive, but at least with private you can be assured your luggage/clubs are on board. There is a nice former military airport just a couple miles from Bandon, but there is no support and the runway length is more for a prop or turboprop than a jet.
  6. My club uses an app called ForeTees. Very user friendly and intuitive. www.foretees.com
  7. Ron- the Washington Golf site linked in posts above has a recent radio interview of Gov Inslee asking the golf opening questions. While the response is granular (something like... if we allow people to golf, then they are going to drive their car, and get fuel, and interact at the gas station, and each interaction has the potential to increase spread of Covid 19), the State decisions are not driven now by finances but by the people in the white coats (medical and data scientists) as well as a component of political pressure. There’s no logic in May 5 except it corresponds to an outdated mod
  8. Inslee announced that one of his next steps is to open up more recreation(with social distancing), and this likely includes golf. He’s trying to align with restrictions in California and Oregon, that allow golf. He didn’t name a specific date, but it is likely on or before May 4.
  9. thru at least April 8th. Have you tried Idaho? No WA, OR. No access to Canada.
  10. There shouldn’t be any. Only critical infrastructure/ essential businesses, as described in the State “hunker down” order, should be open, and golf courses didn’t make the list.
  11. play a couple rounds with it. If it is ill, then quarantine for at least 14 rounds.
  12. By the time you get there, it would be surprising to see a buffet line. The utensils can be handled with a napkin, but a sneeze on the food could be a bigger issue. Everyone’s stopped using the plexiglas cough screens.
  13. I hit Apex and T300 on same day, and HMP separately. My impressions: Forgiveness: 1 T300, 2 HMP, 3 Apex Looks: 1 Apex, 2 T300, 3 HMP Apex are a different class of irons, more on the players distance side of the spectrum. T300 and HMP are bulkier, game improvement irons. You lose some of the feel of an off center strike, but easier to flush the shot. I ordered but haven’t received a 6 iron T300 just to see how it works out in the course
  14. So this is different technology than “twist face”?
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