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  1. It seems like we are about to move our trip to 2022. Seem like UK/Scotland probably won't be open for non-essential international travelers until "late summer." Fingers crossed that we can line something else up for this year. Thinking about a trip to Wisconsin...we'll see.
  2. My buddies and I had a weeklong trip to St. Andrews and the Scottish Highlands that was supposed to be in July of 2020, but got cancelled. We moved the trip to July of this year and I'm starting to have really big doubts if it's actually going to happen. The other guys in my group are very optimistic that everything will line up in our favor, but I'm on the other end of the spectrum. So much depends on vaccinations, and when moving between countries things can get interesting really quick. So much depends on lockdowns, their restrictions, quarantine upon arrival, etc. None of us have even
  3. The Mediocre Golf Podcast is pretty good.
  4. I've been to a bunch of courses when they have their course logo on the top of tees. I would love to buy some tees like this and get my company's logo on the top, but I can't for the life of me find a company that does this. Can any of you point me in the right direction?
  5. My buddies and I are heading to the St. Andrews region in mid-May and I just had a sinking thought...when do they aerate in Scotland? It would absolutely suck if they aerated right before we went. I understand the importance, but would still prefer to putt on greens that weren't recently aerated. So does anyone know when the Old Course, Kingsbarns, Carnoustie, Elie, Crail Balcomie, Jubilee? Thanks in advance if anyone knows this info!
  6. I noticed that this is the second post you have made about your Scotland travels. I felt like I had given a review of Morton to someone else but when I went back and looked I found that it was to you! When I first searched for tour companies to set up our trip I had emailed three different companies. I settled on Morton because the pricing was great and they were really responsive. We are heading over for the fourth time in four years this spring/summer and we have reached out to Morton each time because it has gone so well. We have always had one driver, Jim, in and around the St. An
  7. I turn 40 this year and I've been to Scotland three times and I've been Streamsong once. All of my trips to Scotland have been for 4-5 days of golf at a time. Those trips included 36 holes a day, but anything less seems like it wouldn't be worth it. You would only be looking at 2.5-3 full days of golf. I'm dying to get out to Bandon Dunes and have been reading a ton about it. From the east coast it almost seems like it takes longer to get there than it does to get to Scotland. It's weird though because I think three full days is the perfect amount of time there. If you are looking
  8. I have planned a trip to Scotland the last three years and will be heading back again this spring/summer. I originally reached out to a handful of tour companies and based on some recommendations on this site, we ended up settling on Morton Golf Holiday. Peter and Donald have been really accommodating and responsive to all of our questions. We know that we could book everything cheaper if we did it ourselves, but going through Morton really saves on a lot of the headaches. We also have a driver while we are there and it has been the same guy, Jim, every year. Awesome guy! I don't know h
  9. I still can't believe that there haven't been more reviews of this net. I was thinking about the Ball Return Net, but this one is 1/3 of the price. Those of you that bought this net, have you been happy with it?
  10. A group of buddies and I will be in Scotland for just a four full days in early July but we actually happen to be playing N. Berwick twice on the same day as you. That would be great if we could grab a couple of pints afterwards.
  11. I am in need of regripping my set. I would love to test these grips in Standard Black. Thanks!
  12. If you go up to Olney, MD there is the Olney Golf Park and they have a decent range with heaters. Much better targets than Hains Point.
  13. I found a decent deal on a 2016 Titleist StaDry and I've found it very difficult to get an in-depth review. Does anyone have experience with these bags? Do they really do a good job of keeping your clubs dry. I actually like to play when there is light rain outside and I'm tired of my clubs and grips getting soaked through the bag so I've been waiting for a deal on a waterproof bag. Was this bag made by Sun Mountain? Any info or experience with these bags would be helpful. Thanks!
  14. Yeah, I will be picking up the phone and calling around, but I was really interested if there is anyone in the know that might have been there this week and could comment.
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