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  1. that is something. I've sold most of my old sets / backup clubs. partially to subsidize the kinds of losses that spawned this thread. and came *this close* to buying J15CBs before I pulled the trigger on my Cobras (Fly Z+ / Fly Z Pro combo set)
  2. always been a fan of TE clubs and love the fact that 4W is a staple in their offerings. almost pulled the trigger on CB4 awhile back. but I thought everything they did was super low spin?
  3. I play an Adams Super Hybrid and that thing ain't going anywhere.
  4. my man - you have no idea how correct you are I went in there with two things in mind: 1. my new fairway wood would be on the shorter end of things (like 42.5" or so) 2. I wanted higher loft (16* or 16.5*) but didn't want the smaller 5W head size. That left a fairly short list of candidates - Titleist being one of them. I hit a couple of other things - but I can say I was expecting the Titleist to be "the club". And perhaps I made it so and my fitter let me do that. (and back to my original post - the reason I felt like this was fine is it's ex
  5. much appreciated feedback on the Rogue FW. there's a chance I try that because my friend's for-sale 17* head has never been hit and probably wouldn't cost me more than $100. If I hit it and hate it, I doubt I'll lose much more than $20 + the cost of an adapter / installation
  6. that first line you typed gave me a good laugh - it's clear that "I came to the right place" with my original post My driver (that I love) is a G400 Max, so the G400 FW would seem to be a logical pairing. I need to find out how adjustable it is - one thing that's nice about the G410 is that you can move the loft and lie a fair amount (but I don't know if the same is true for the 400) thx
  7. Appreciate the replies thus far. I can say with confidence that I'll continue to do what I've been doing. I just can't get over the fact that I literally manufactured a problem to "fix", flushed a bunch of money on something that wasn't better, and STILL pulled the trigger on a shaft before the offending fairway wood landed on someone else's doorstep. The shaft I bought is a Fujikura Atmos (red) Tour Spec. I have the blue in my driver and love it. Put the blue in the TS2 I bought and it was bad. I think the Atmos is a really good shaft for me, and decided to giv
  8. Not sure what the point of this post is. Don't know if I've learned my lesson (or if there is one to be learned). I'm a golf club aficionado (ho) like so many on this site. This summer I built the perfect 4W on paper with help from my fitter at Club Champion. Cost me a damn mint. And from almost moment one, nothing was better. The supposedly more forgiving club sprayed the ball worse than ever, even with a slightly shorter shaft. Even though it's a higher loft, the trajectory was too low to be useful. Ended up selling the damn thing for less than half of what I paid for it t
  9. Titleist TS2 16.5* degree fairway wood. True aftermarket Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec 7S (stiff flex). Club has been hit no more than 12-15 times. Face / crown are immaculate - as close to "in the plastic" as you'll find. Wonderful, authoritative feel at impact. Absolutely kicking myself because I got impulsive and built the perfect club "on paper" to replace my trusty vsii V-Steel that was never a problem to begin with. Paid well over $700 for this club this summer and yet old reliable is already back in the bag. What can I say - I'm a dumbass and I need your help to rip the b
  10. Thanks - that is very helpful. I was concerned that if heel side was where tapping created no twist, then I'd be hitting on the wrong part of the C-grooves (and I'm glad you're familiar with YES! putters and the Pippi 12 in particular). But dead center is the right spot! And yes - I was seduced by the Pippi. I love everything about this putter - but I'm trying to determine which one sinks more putts. thanks!
  11. Sorry, WRXers - I feel stupid for asking this question but here goes... I was watching a TXG video thisi morning (about the stability shaft) and they kept talking about trying to strike the ball slightly on the heel side (of an Anser like putter) for the best true roll - because it was presumably something with some toe hang and heel side of the alignment line would be on the center of gravity / axis. Is this correct? I alternate between two putters - a YES! Pippi 12 (center shaft blade, some toe hang) and a Stroke Lab 7 (fangback mallet, face balanced) depending on how I feel on the puttin
  12. Guys, my new G MAX isn't going to pay for itself. If you think I'm off on my pricing, let me know. All reasonable offers will be considered.
  13. From one GolfWRX Club Ho to another: MAKE ME AN OFFER. My new G MAX isn't going to pay for itself. Let's get this stuff out into the world to do some good. 2016 M1 Driver - 12* loft - Probably an 8.5 / 10 – I take very good care of my clubs. No sky marks / noteworthy blemishes Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7x shaft in good condition - Plays to 45” Stitch Headcover AND TM Wrench included *** WILLING TO SELL CLUB HEAD AND SHAFT SEPARATELY MAKE ME AN OFFER TM V-Steel TP / Tour Issue / VSII 3 Wood Here’s your chance to play the 3 Wood of GolfWRX legend. I have two of these – shortly a
  14. Based on the replies here, it seems a little hoard-y to have one of these "hope diamonds" sitting in a basement closet as a backup. Anyone that wants to purchase my 15* VSII (paint break), send me a DM. Legit original Diamana blueboard 73x shaft. I bought it from someone who wanted to refinish the head but never got around to it - so this has a flat charcoal paint job rather than the usual glossy finish. If you're interested, PM me and I can send pictures. My gamer is still in the bag and ain't going anywhere. TL
  15. - Looking to sell a lightly used set of Titleist C16 irons (4 thru GW) - Clubs have been used for perhaps a dozen rounds - as seen in the pictures, faces and grooves are like new. The 7 and 8 irons have seen the most use (and I've isolated these in one of the pictures), but even these are in excellent shape - grooves are pristine and it's only the satin polishing that is scratched. The set as a whole is easily a 9/10. Standard loft / lie / length. Shafts are upcharge Project X PXi shafts in a 6.0 (stiff) flex. Grips are rare counterbalanced Titleist grips (feel is like a tour velvet).
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