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  1. I'd be interested in feedback also. This is one of the few options without upcharge in the PXG Proto lineup (when I called they explicitly said it's the S+ limited 2nd gen).
  2. Awesome giveaway! [b]Item Name:[/b] [b]NIPPON NS PRO MODUS 3 TOUR 130 IRON SHAFT SET (4-PW)[/b] [b]Item Price:[/b] [b]$430.98[/b] [b]Options:[/b] [list] [*]FLEX:Stiff [*]DO YOU NEED INSTALLED?:Yes [*]LENGTH:+1/2" [*]INSTALLATION:Standard [*]DO YOU NEED LOFT/LIE ADJUSTMENTS?:No [*]LOFT:Standard [*]LIE ANGLE:Standard [*]COLORED IRON FERRULE:None - Standard Black [*]GRIP:Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound MCC Plus 4 Gray Midsize (7
  3. Count me in, I have always been interested in Cobra drivers. Thanks!
  4. Would love to try this in my A4. ALways looking to try new things.
  5. I was supposedly around number 8 of 10. They also told me around 10 days, but I am trying not to get too excited in case it doesnt work out.
  6. I got the 5 in the 9015d promotion. Ordered it with the stock matrix in X flex. I was playing a 13* 3 wood (Mainly used off the tee) and figured the a4 5 wd/hybrid would be a better compromise to fill the distance gap between my 3wd and 3 iron than my 2 hybrid. Only hit it a few times but so far I like it, seems easy to elevate and played pretty nicely from the rough.
  7. Thats an interesting idea. Don't know why I didn't think of that. I am currently playing a PT 13* bore thru with S300 since I don't like the AxivCore. I was just thinking if any of these shafts are decent might as well give them a shot considering their prices ($20-$40). Also, Hokie if you don't mind me asking, what weight motore f1 are you playing in your 3 wd. I wish they made an 85 other than the one for Taylormade.
  8. Purple Ice, Comp NT, YS-9 ?I am looking for a little help in finding an affordable 3 wood shaft. This shaft will be going in a TEE CB2 15* by the way. It currently has a axivcore blue 79X that i do not like at all. The shafts i have been looking at that seem like they may fit and are cheap are: GD Purple Ice 85 or 95 X GD YS-9 or 10 X Grafalloy Comp NT 85 X My ss is about 112 with my driver. I don't really have any problem with getting the ball up either. I am more looking to lower spin. If it matters, i play a Motore 65x in my 9015d 9.5 and i absolutely love it. Unfortunately they do
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