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  1. Love desert golf, and am anxious to see the new PGA Tour Live on ESPN+.
  2. Note to self.....after watching for 4 days I've gleaned the following.... 1) Need to visit Maui. 2) This course is on my bucket list. 3) All surfers are not cut from granite. and 4) did Mark Rolfing have any part in designing this course? I don't think they covered that.
  3. Tell me about it. I've lost about 20 yards in the last two years. I know father time will win eventually, but I'm not going down without a fight. Speed stix on the way, and diet/exercise already underway.
  4. Sad to hear. Condolences to his family. He was by far my favorite golf announcer.
  5. I suspect 12 holes is all they can reasonably play after the ridiculously long pre-match show, unless the last 6 holes are lighted.
  6. Yup. Excitement wise, Paul Chryst and Steve Stricker are cut from the same cloth.
  7. Tell me about it.... What the heck happened? I step away for 90 minutes while the US was dead in the water, and I tune back in and we are within one. I guess I should just not watch. I'm man enough to admit I may be wrong.
  8. The sooner Nelly Korda gets off the course the better.
  9. This isn't even funny anymore. Never seen such poor, uninspired play. Is the mercy rule in effect?
  10. The US team looks like they would like to be anywhere but Inverness. Does anyone want to play?
  11. This may be over by lunch. Instead of a competition, this could be an exhibition.
  12. My reactions from day 1...... 1) The Europeans clearly out-gutted the US. 2) What is it about the 18th hole that caused the US team to collapse like a Wal Mart lawn chair? 3) I'm beginning to seriously doubt Lexi Thompson's ability to close. 4) Why is JK not playing two sessions in a row? Injury? 5) I didn't see it all (it was the first big CFB weekend, after all), but I saw relatively few quality golf shots. Not impressed with the play so far. 6) The US gives putts like they are diamonds. I look for very few conceded putts from both sides the rest of the way. 7) The Euros dress better. Finally, women's golf has got a slow play issue. Pegs in the ground in a few minutes. Good luck to both sides.
  13. Correct AFAIK. Disappointing but not surprising. Not that it’s any consolation, but the ESPN+ coverage has been disappointing so far. A lot of chat, very little golf.
  14. Life on tour is not for everyone. Pampered as they may be, in reality it is a pretty difficult lifestyle to get used to and be comfortable with. Hope he sorts things out.
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