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  1. So Ryan Moore is skipping a major to rest up for the Fedex Cup, correct? Un *** believable. I bet Jay Monahan is dancing in his office.
  2. Agree the course is uninspiring, to be kind. But it is a great leaderboard and should be an exciting final round.
  3. Agree 100%. Sports used to be an escape, now it's a platform. On a totally unrelated note, does anyone else find Jay Delsing on PGA Tour Live irritating?
  4. Duh, of course. And I was wrong about the USGA taking a revenue hit as well. I'm 0-2 today. Fox had a very rough start, with Norman and Chamber's Bay, but I thought they found their groove as years went on. They limited commercials and had some good technology. I don't get too wound up about announcers, so the Buck/Hicks/Miller discussion doesn't matter to me. What I do want is for them to show golf, period. Save the stories about how Dirk Diggler from Moosecrotch, Montana, worked nights in a poultry plant so he could pursue his dream for some other channel.
  5. Looks like the USGA will have to tighten it's ever expanding belt a bit, as their major revenue stream has just been cut in half. I wonder how they will handle the west coast tournaments. The USGA liked prime time telecasts, but NBC has SNF.
  6. I'm no fan of the USGA, but with everything going on right now I just don't seem to have the energy to get upset about this. I think they did the best under tough conditions.
  7. I wonder how much longer Phil and JS are going to be in featured groups. Phil I can probably understand, still being a good draw and very popular, but JS??
  8. Some of those homeowners on the back nine seemed to be fairly well lubricated.
  9. The guy looked like an 18 handicapper today on #2.
  10. Like many, I was starved for some meaningful golf to watch. So last week I sprung for PGA Tour Now. Got to see every hole at Colonial, and while I may not like every featured pairing, the coverage otherwise is pretty good. And there are no commercials. Sure, there is some dead time when just the leaderboard is shown, but that's fine with me. This week is another plus. Thu/Fri coverage started at 6:45 AM and went to around 5:30. Again I got to see every hole. Having it on in the background was perfect. Don't know if I'll keep it after the first month, but so far, so good.
  11. As I recall, the "trying" part is pretty fun. It's after the kid arrives that things really change (and 99.9% for the better BTW).
  12. They said on PGA tour live this AM he's gone back to the clubs he was using "for 20 years", so I assume it's Taylormade equipment of some sort.
  13. I know in real estate location is everything, but I'm curious what that would have sold for had in been in another part of the city. Any guesses?
  14. Another vote for the MG C4. I believe it is identical to the old Hogan Tour Deep, another fine ball. The pre DSG Gamer's were great balls. And of course I like the K Sig 3 piece but that ball hardly qualifies as under the radar (I've had no quality issues with mine).
  15. Happy for this and pumped to see Seminole. Seems like a SWWOG for 2020, and I hope they do more of it. I'll definitely watch, but I'd watch a test pattern right now.....
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