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  1. Wait, Fowler may be overrated? That's the first I've heard of this......
  2. Faux major - The tour can't stand not being in the rotation of being in control of a major. Drives them nuts. They continually shove this "major" moniker down our throat. If they deem it a major, so be it in their opinion. Majors are developed over time by history and tradition. They can not be created. Faux course - Just my opinion. First off, I realize Pete Dye is an accomplished course designer and probably one of the top five architects of all time. I simply do not share his philosophy on course design. In my neck of the woods we have two Dye courses. Oak Hollow, in High Point,
  3. Ah, time for the faux major on a faux golf course. One good thing about this tourney is it means a real major is just weeks away. As you can tell, not a fan of this course, but whatever, to each his own. They ruined a perfectly good Florida swamp when they built this place. Having said all that, I still will watch. Gotta get value from my PGA Tour live investment.
  4. He did grind it out. Putted well, and got away with some (Word not allowed) shots, both off the tee and into the greens. The driver is still the big question mark, IMHO. Still not consistent enough to be a threat. But, no doubt he is making progress.
  5. There may be a silver lining here. This injury may require him to swing within himself, obviously giving up distance off the tee but playing from the fairway. He can still be a premier iron player. Not being able to swing for the fences (if indeed it comes to that) could be a blessing in disguise.
  6. Agree the top button needs to be undone, but other than that, an untucked shirt can be very stylish. One caveat - the shirt needs to be made to wear untucked. If it is, it can be an attractive and comfortable option.
  7. Rangeballz


    I agree he's probably not bothered, and uses any purses won as tip money. Having said that, STOP WITH THE OBSESSION WITH DISTANCE! Stricker, Furyk, Zach et al give up 25 yards and are still competitive. Phil's 80% swing is plenty long to compete on any tour. Plus, his "bombs" aren't that long anymore. He is putting pressure on his iron game and putting, and it shows. Relax, re-introduce yourself to the fairway, and play...gasp...controlled golf. Fun? Maybe not. Exciting? Nope. But capable of winning, especially at Augusta? Absolutely! PS - Phil, you're over
  8. I may be wrong, but this course seems rather uninspiring to me.
  9. Best wishes to TW for a speedy and full (if possible) recovery. Modern medicine can do amazing things. He and his family will be in my prayers.
  10. Agree width a previous poster. A HD TV, recliner, no interruptions, and Pebble Beach. I am a happy and lucky man.
  11. Sadly, I think Phil belongs on the champions tour. His incessant fixation with distance I think is killing his game. That, and poor putting.
  12. Fowler with a quality shank at Spyglass.....
  13. Good to see that John Daly is aging well.......
  14. In keeping with the tour's new emphasis on gambling, what's the over/under on number of times they show the Jack Lemon human chain?
  15. Hopefully (but not optimistically) without celebs they can eliminate the fluff interviews every two minutes and really show some golf. Love to see some of the holes at Spyglass we rarely see.
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