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  1. I play a strong grip and yes you will have more spin tilt. If you think about it you are externally rotating your right hand which causes the pit of your elbow to face up which forces your shoulder internally rotate. This drops the right shoulder. The one bad habit I get with a strong grip it getting too much tilt and then hanging back and catching some irons shots too fat. Some people think a strong grip will promote a hook but the what happens to your anatomy when you move your hands stronger actually promotes a block more than a hook.
  2. Selling Project X 6.5’s. 4-PW set. They are .25” over standard. Just put new grips on a month ago. I took the stickers off when I bought them. Pulled these shafts out of my TM 750’s. Decided to go back to my x100’s as these were fun to give a try. $220 OB0 SOLD
  3. i've always hit a nice little power fade. well towards the end of the year, this year, it has turned into a slice. I recently watched a video on Dustin Johnson's swing and took away the tip to get bowed left wrist (for RH swing). I went to the range last night and hit about 50 balls with just my driver, 7 iron, and 4 iron and i bet i gained 20 yards of distance on each swing, as well as a nice little fade. i will always hit a fade because i shift my weight and move my hips so fast, but when the club face is open as bad as it was it turns into a slice or extreme pull. by squaring my club face and bowing my left wrist my swing is smoother and am catching everything flush. because my club face is getting so much more square now then it was before, i did pull some shots pretty bad, but i knew that would be an issue because i have always slowed my hips down sometimes when i was slicing the ball bad. now i just need to get my hips moving at the same pace for every swing. i went out and played 4 holes after i hit the range and hit all 4 fairways, driving the ball about 310-320, and swinging more free and smoother than before. i did however struggle with 1/2 and 1/4 shots with my wedges, but i know with more practice i can sync up my hips.
  4. i have played nike vr pro combo irons for the last 3 years. i recently nike vapor pro irons and while i hit them good they felt nothing like my old vr pro combo's. i took the shafts out of my pro combo's, which are project x 6.5's and put them in the vapors. i recently decided to go back to my nike vr pro combo's and i put new kbs tour x-stiff shafts in them and i don't think i will ever go away from these pro combo's. they just look better and feel smoother.
  5. Does travis Matthews run big or small compared to UA. I either want UA or TM polo. The white ones
  6. Well I was pretty good at baseball and a lot of that had to do with how well I used my hips and I fire them way to early sometimes with the golf swing. When the hips fire in sync with the arms its a thing of beauty.
  7. I've been struggling with spinning out on a lot of my shots because I will come off my right heal to quick and then sometimes I keep it down too long and perform a straight pull...anybody got any tips or drills to help get the heal in sync
  8. I recently switched to a strong grip about 3 weeks ago and I hit all my clubs farther. I notice that my misses aren't as often right as they used to be. When I do miss right it's because of my hips. When I miss left it's because I don't hold off on my hands. I hit a power fade for all clubs and holding off it hard sometimes especially when I've been hitting a draw the last two years. I also hit the ball solid every shot which feels good.
  9. I like how Jordan Spieth starts his swing. He uses the slightest use of a forward press and also he has a slight twitch of the hips forward as well. I have been doing this and it gets my hips going.
  10. I'm hit a little baby cut with my irons and driver but lately I've been losing the ball to the right a little bit and I can't tell if my hips are getting ahead of the club head and it gets stuck behind sometimes. I know sometimes I've been told I stand too close to the ball and I know that attributes to a severe pull/push. I just know when my hips are firing at the right time I hit the same shot consistent everytime. Driver video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULS3jcqlARA 9 Iron video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTOKQxCQr7c
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