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  1. Great move for the ladies. Palm Springs has changed so much over the past 5-10 years. Homeless is one thing, but the entire community during the month of April is nothing but a Gay Pride Month. Look up the "Dinah in Palm Springs", (not nsfw), and you'll see. It was highjacked several years ago and now it's considered a huge lesbian gathering, nothing to do with golf. Every hotel and restaurant in the area promotes it. My wife and family went 2 years ago and it was disturbing. The "leather" festival was just finishing up and we had to deal with men in leather speedos, whips, etc. walking around the city. To each his own, but it's not an environment that is family friendly, nor golf tourist friendly. It would have a better chance if they went to PGA west territory. Kudos to Chevron for making this move. It's a crying shame since Dinah Shore did such an amazing job promoting women's golf and having such a great event, but it's not the same.
  2. 1. Bakersfield, CA 2. 0 3. Yup. I'm an instructor so I have a bunch! 4. Something easy to translate to students, a tool to help them make changes. 5. Yes. 6. Yes.
  3. Turned in late to the Maridoe College event and Hunter Mahan was announcing. Anyone catch this? Thoughts? Is he giving up on playing?
  4. Fourteens. Was a lifer with Cleveland and had the opportunity to hit a few shots with older Fourteen wedges. Felt so soft, love the feel, face looked amazing. Wish I would have gotten raw versions. Loved the look of the RTG's when I had them.
  5. I had such high hopes for some exciting matches, but it just seems lackluster. Not a lot of talk about shots, and the coverage was horrible, no idea of match status, not really showing the players, but a lot of talk about the hanging putt. Is it just me? Course seemed not suited for this event either. Probably biggest missing element is Euro fans, they just seem like more fun. Event seems like it was thrown together. And don't even mention the horrific opening ceremonies. Go USA! Go Europe! Go Girls!
  6. Southern California events literally fill up in minutes. Very frustrating for parents that can't just sit at the keyboard and starting punching in 5 minutes before the event opens. We really need another tour here, unless the existing tours open up for more spots. Many of the parents I talk to are starting to go to Northern California, Nevada and Arizona.
  7. It's going to depend on what he likes. I have some players who are religious with using the line, others simply can't do it. As a coach, I like to start the player off using the line with a putting mirror to see if they are able to see the line, if they are comfortable with where it is aiming. Many have different dominant eyes and the line on the ball throws them off. You can also use a chalk line if the mirror seems too obstructive. Again, it's a player-specific thing. What's so weird is that many young players simply can't line the ball up correctly, which makes things even more difficult. My younger players, under 13, usually don't have the attention to do the line every time, so we let them have fun and develop at their speed. The line is a HUGE advantage if they can get used to it.
  8. Buy one at the event, from Dicks or the host club, then donate to a local First Tee or Jr Program.
  9. Best sunscreen, Blue Lizard Sensitive. No staining. Not greasy. Good luck on the stains you have.
  10. You are doing it right. Let the kid have fun. I used to work with two 11 year-old girls and they are in the "world's best" mode. Instagram accounts. Wanted lessons a couple times a week, and yes, over 200 events by 11. It was horrible, especially for the kids. So I would have more fun with them. Drive the carts through sprinklers, lots of games and humor at the course. They were performing well, but not all money is good money, so I had to have some frank conversations with the parents, who obviously disagreed with my assessment. Yes, it's great for the kids to play in events...if they want to. Let them learn how to compete, deal with life situations, the ups and downs. Do the programs at the academy, it's a great place to make friends, socialize. Not all sports have that advantage. When he hits 13 or so you'll know how serious he wants to take it, then you hit the event trail from there. It's also very, very expensive to travel to all these events, and it's hard on families, especially if there are several kids in different sports in the family. One of my players was a girl and only the mom traveled with her, and she became the "caddy/coach". Their other child was a boy (8 years old) and had to stay home with the dad. The girl would come home with trophies and memories, the boy was playing video games with the dad. Sad situation. Keep it up, get him playing with older players like yourself and older boys if you can.
  11. It is what it is...it's a beginning tour, period. The goal is to get your player out of there as soon as they can. Here in CA, we have so many tours, you can choose what's best for them. Yes, US Kids gets really dramatic here, with the focus from the parents wanting medals and Instagram moments. Gain some experience and move up.
  12. I couldn't help but notice, after watching both men and women in the Olympic's, that few of the players putt with a conventional putting grip anymore. In the women's play I saw no claw grips, no anchoring and it seemed that the majority were putting cross handed. The men were just all over the place. Does anyone know of a survey or data on what grips most are using?
  13. Don't know if this has been said, but I wish this was another format. Seems like a 2 person best ball would add more excitement. It seems like it just drags, and its hard to pull for players vs countries. This just seems like another event with only 3 "winners". Enjoying the actual golf and scenery, just want to see more action, like the Ryder Cup.
  14. Kids and parents should stay off social media. Period.
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