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  1. bjh1

    dopey hat

    Not sure how you got there, but I actually do like DJ. My point was I was rooting against Smith.
  2. "Difficult" and "great" are not synonymous. One of the things that make the tournament great is the possibility to go low on the back nine.
  3. bjh1

    dopey hat

    I kind of feel like a shallow person for admitting this, but I'll be honest... one of the main reasons I was rooting for DJ to win the Masters over Cameron Smith is Smith's ridiculous looking flat brimmed hat. This stupid trend has thankfully kind of died out, even the baseball guys have a little curve in the brim these days. Can't remember the last time I saw a guy on a public course wearing one. Smith has a great game and seems like a nice enough guy, but I can't get on board with that lid.
  4. This topic has been raised many times (maybe a couple times by me). For some people it's just a mental thing - either they can't get used to the look of the huge clubhead, or they try to hit it too hard. I've had a degree of success with shortening the driver and adding some weight to it to add back some feel and to slow down my tempo. But if you have a 3 wood you hit well, don't feel bad about sticking with it. I know many comments are "I'll take the extra 15-20 yards with my driver and hit it out of the rough", but that doesn't work if your drives are OB or in the woods. Also maybe chec
  5. Anyone have a recommendation for the best lead tape -- highest density with best adhesion? I've tried it a few times and it always seems to fall off after not too long. This would be for a driver, so, hopefully can place on the sole without worrying about ground contact. Also, can you put lead tape on a shaft? Thanks
  6. Was really hoping that Phil and Payton would be paired together so I could root against TW/TB.
  7. Has anyone from western PA traveled to Ohio or West Virginia to play during the lockdown? How was it? Any issues? Any course recommendations? Thanks
  8. The Epic Flash ones i have seem like good quality, kind of fake leather, but the color scheme is so bad. And they're not paying me to advertise for them.
  9. Got new Callaway EF woods over the off-season. In addition to being an enticement to thieves that you've got $1000 worth of new gear in your bag, do you think it looks bad showing up with a real matchey looking bag? (Kind of like having your name on your bag when you're a hacker) I'm not a big fan of the fuzzy animal covers either, but thinking about getting some plainer looking ones or just using some mismatched generic covers.
  10. bjh1

    Stiff vs X

    Update from OP - got the club, it's fine. Don't really notice any difference between the S in the 5 wood and the X in the 7 wood.
  11. bjh1

    Stiff vs X

    Driver - Mitsibishi Tensei AV Blue 65 stiff 5 Wood - Tensei AV Blue 75 stiff 7 wood - same as 5 wood, except in X According to https://www.mca-golf.com/products/av-blue the X is one gram heavier than the stiff and torque is 3.4 vs 3.9
  12. bjh1

    Stiff vs X

    Recently got fitted for new Epic Flash driver with stiff shaft and picked up 5 wood with matching specs. Am loving both of them. Have a chance to pick up a matching 7 wood for cheap, but the shaft is an X. Would not have a chance to demo it. Would there be a big noticeable difference between X and S? Driver swing speed is just over 100 mph. I'm sure there's a difference, but thinking it would matter less in a 7 wood than it would in a driver. Thoughts?
  13. Recently got an Epic Flash 5 wood (regular, not sub-zero), and I am loving it! Can't go wrong sticking with the Callaway.
  14. Which Project X shaft (HZRDUS or Evenflow) is most similar to Tensei AV Series Blue 75? Thanks
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