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  1. Keith, If you had to pick between Mid South and Talamore which would you choose? Doing a trip to Pinehurst in a couple weeks and I still need to book the afternoon round for our day of arrival and I think I've narrowed it down to those two. Thanks!
  2. Have booked a airbnb in Hurricane in June. Was looking to play 3 rounds and below is the list we're considering now. Are there any others we should be looking at or any we should kick off the list? Sand Hollow - Championship Sand Hollow - The Links Copper Rock Coral Canyon Sky Mountain Wolf Creek Thanks for any insight!
  3. Don't believe you can use your rain checks for caddie fees. I went in June and had rain checks which was fine for the round, but caddie fee was cash after the round.
  4. Hi all - I'm doing a long weekend trip to Jacksonville at the end of August and was looking for recommendations on any bars or restaurants you feel would be good to visit. We'll be staying at the Sawgrass Marriott so relative proximity to that would be great. Thanks!
  5. We're flying in to DTW Thursday. Going to play Eagle Eye on the way up to Gaylord. Definitely planned on heading to the sports bar one night. Looks like they have a decent beer selection with some local brews.
  6. Spending 4 days at Treetops at the end of next week. Was curious if anyone had any recommendations on anywhere to eat or non-golf activities. Will be playing 4 rounds while we are there. Thanks!
  7. Hi All, 3 buddies and I are headed down to West Palm in August. We're going to stay at PGA National and play 3 rounds there and 1 off site. Right now what we are thinking of playing the courses below. Would you substitute in any other courses for what we have? Also, any bars/restaurants you would recommend in the area? The Champions The Palmer The Fazio North Palm Beach CC Thanks!
  8. I'm headed out in March as well and looking at playing Bears Best and Wolf Creek (friend already had this planned through a work trip so I'm tagging along). I may try to squeeze in an additional afternoon round and am looking at TPC Las Vegas or Paiute (Wolf). Should I be looking at anything else or does it look like I've got a good couple rounds going.
  9. I'm headed to a bachelor party in April and was curious to see if anyone had recommendations for courses located near Tybee Island, GA. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Congrats. My best rounds are often pretty boring too. Fairway, green, two putt...fairway, green, two putt...fairway, green, two putt. Next thing you know I'm threatening a low score.
  11. Need to see the hole before I could make the decision. 90% of the time I'd hit a 3 or 4 to stay out of trouble and have a reasonable short iron in. Occasionally, if I'm hitting the driver well that day or the trouble is on the other side of my miss (to the right) I may give it a go.
  12. For me it was 1. Eagle on par 5 2. 3 birdies in one round 3. Broke 80 Still waiting on the hole in one and hole out from the fairway. Though I'm not all that concerned with those milestones. I really just want to shoot an even par round. I was pretty close in December when I shot a 73. Had 7 birdies that day and still couldn't shoot even par. I'm the picture of consistency.
  13. Has anyone played Harmony Preserve recently? I was thinking about getting out there next weekend, but the $27 price tag on GolfNow scares me a little.
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