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  1. I agree. I could say that about a bunch of putters.
  2. I think that would work to get you started. You may think about trying to get a left handed double bend rather than a right handed. It would create an onset instead of an offset. Single bend could work too. I am just guessing but it may be tough to get it face balanced because the insert is so far on the heel. Face balance is nice but I think at the entry level it isn’t necessary
  3. Try a Bobby grace side saddle putter with the asskicker shaft. It is 80 degrees and has the forward press built in.
  4. Has anyone ever talked to Bobby Grace about making a F18 or fat man into side saddle? Seems like it would be easy for him.
  5. Love it. I struggle to line it up when holding the club at 90 degrees but you literally can’t get any more efficient than with that stroke.
  6. I haven’t been on here in a while but I came across this little piece and it concerns me. In this clip they say toward the end that the USGA is considering changing the max lie angle to 76. The guy who runs the usga now is beyond awful. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CLr2NF6Jmmk/?igshid=1ckf1sqth62rq
  7. Awesome guy and very knowledgeable. Really a great swing coach..
  8. I like this. I sometimes unfocus my eyes and just look through the ball and putter
  9. My seven year old says he wants to putt like me. Let me know if anyone wants to get rid of a gp putter or one of the cheaper eBay side saddles.
  10. I have an old Bobby Grace heavyweight champion putter that would be great for those who want to hold it at 90 degrees. It can literally stand up on its own. Not sure it would be legal if manufactured today.
  11. new Bobby Grace I wish he would make the fat man into a side saddle
  12. This is why I think so much of putting is just personal preference and doing what feels best. I have tried all kinds of grips and tend to come back to just a neutral lower hand grip. When using a bowling type grip I tended to shut the clubface and when using a grip with the back of the hand facing the hole I tend to open the face. It just tells me I tend to err toward a neutral grip. Think of the angle you hand sits when your arms rest at your side. From there you can try all types of variations of a pencil grip. I tend to have a few different ways I hold it and just go with what feels best that day.
  13. I think it is all personal preference. There are things I like about both. I like the f22 shaft more but hate the forward press that is built in. If you hold the putter at 90 degrees then the f22 is better. There is nothing magical about the f22 unless it just suits your eye more.
  14. I’d like to hear what you think about the Bomar
  15. You could always throw some lead or tungsten powder down the shaft and cork it to get the weight up.
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