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  1. Ferrules still available? If so, I will take them. Paypal info, please. Thanks.
  2. I'll take the J33r head. Send Paypal address. Thx.
  3. That looks fine. Actually, from the original picture, I thought it was the clubhead only. If you want to pull the head and send it, that would be fine...I'll be reshafting it in any event. Will send Paypal now. Thanks! Bob Jordan in NC
  4. Cleveland 588 wedge still available? If so, I'll take it. Paypal address?
  5. Do the VV Bungee belts have some stretch to them? How about the Flag canvas belt. I'm a 36, but a snug one! Thanks.
  6. Putter in question is mine (got it from padget), and after a bit of research, decided to have my local club guy bend it. Got it from 71*+ to 68* without a problem. Had checked with Byron first, and he said it could be re-welded if things went poorly, so we gave it a shot. turned out fine.
  7. Hi. Do the Ecco spikeless have a European size on them? My wife has a pair of another Ecco style that is a 37, but can't find a "regular" size on them, so not sure if yours might be the same. Thanks.
  8. Hi. Do you know what the head weight is on this? Also, can you comment on the feel...I generally prefer a soft milled face, but would consider an insert since there aren't that many flow necks floating around. Thanks!
  9. Would you consider splitting the head and shaft? Only need a head right now. If so, what would you want for the head? Thanks in advance!
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