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  1. Scotty - Pending, Byron Sold. Price Drop on 6.0 to $1200
  2. Looks like my original post has disappeared. If it reappears please remove this. Inovai 6.0. This was originally installed with a chrome shaft that was 34 inches but I got it reinstalled to 35.5 with a black kbs tour and super stroke flatso 1.0 grip. After taking pictures it appears to have three tiny marks that I can try to capture for full disclosure as it has been gamed a handful of rounds. Also the flatso grip as a dirty thumb print mark that you can use to make a clone. Comes with cover, COA and original shaft and tour betti grip. $1500 OBO. $1200 Scotty Cameron 6M 35 inches. Has wel
  3. Yeah, I think they removed shaft up-charge on Gen2s. You could always try other shops that sell them and see if they waive the shaft up charge. Only difference may be they build the clubs at the shop and not PXG. Just a thought.
  4. Congrats @kgeorge78! Hope you enjoy them. I can not wait to receive mine. Loved hitting them a few weeks ago and pulled the trigger. Grant it had to sell 2 sets of irons (790s and 785). I went with P, though seems like everyone is really digging the Ts. Have fun!
  5. Agree with this comment. Driving irons are pretty great off the tee, but once you get off the tee, it may be a little more difficult to hit. This is why I went back to a hybrid. Most of the difference will be wider sole, and graphite shaft(though you do not have to have a graphite shaft). If you hit your 4 wood pretty good out off the deck and tee then a 3 hybrid would be a good gap between those two. However, if you are more confident with your 4 iron than your 4 wood off the deck then the 3 iron is probably your choice.
  6. Awesome write-ups sounds like a blast. When i hit it last week felt pretty dang good, and I only go for Ping Woods. Though i will stick to my 410 set up, its a mental thing. But love learning and hearing about these trips, sounds like a great experience.
  7. This forum has made my day. I am just sad I missed the other ones.
  8. Up for sale is my custom BB8 Tri that I had made for me from bettinardi. Only been carpet rolled as me and blades do not work well together. The putter is 35 inches and has a gt tour grip. Putter has fancy fit face (diamond cut) and is DASS. Will be including two covers from the hive. Both are the leather covers. Brown has been previously gamed where as the blue is new. Looking for $1200 for putter and covers as a package. Not looking to split the covers up and not interested in trades as GEN 3s have come out.
  9. Up for sale is two Bettinardi putters. One was a hive release last year and the other was a custom that I never used on course. All come with COAs. Only trades considered are Circle T mallets or inovai 6.0. First is Bettinardi BB0. This is the Molinari Replica that was listed in the Hive after he won the open. Original Retail was $2500. This has been used for 2 rounds. 34 inches comes with tour betti deep itch grip and white fat cat cover. $1400 OBO Next is my custom BB8 Tri DASS. This has only been carpet rolled just was not for me. This has diamond cut face with sou
  10. Trying this again but always interested in trades of equal value. Main interest is putters Scotty(circle t, button backs) or Bettinardi(inovai 2.0 or 6.0). Molinari BB0 34” with white fat cat. Used two rounds. Comes with COA. Trade value $1800 or sell for $1600. BB8 Tri 35” only carpet rolled. Comes with COA and air strike hive cover. Trade value $1500 and $1400 sell.
  11. Up for sale are two Bettinardi putters. No trades unless you have the inovai 6.0. Both come with headcovers. Molinari BB0 released last year on the hive for $2500. It’s 34” and been played 2 rounds. This will come with original white fat cat. $1600 OBO Next , is my customs BB8 Tri DASS. Never been used comes with COA and air strike cover. 35 inches. Unsure of weight. $1400 OBO **Opened to trades for around same value. Bettinardi, Scotty. Mainly mallets though.**
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