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  1. This is my favorite color way. Thanks for the opportunity
  2. We probably came across each other wee. Happy hunting.
  3. Oh I meant to pm you. Did you find one? There are a couple of good threads on here if you search for painting putters.
  4. I'm with you, Juice. An iron has to look good and hit good. Has to capture your eye and your heart. The red flag on the 755 are horrific to me, lol. Titleist in general bothers me with their looks, including their ball--their name seems crooked to me because it is in script and I can't freaking line it up right. Anyway, I've tried literally all the Titleist irons up to the 716 AP1 and AP2 and they don't work for me. I LOVE the Mizuno and Hogan forged feel and how they look on the ground. l I can get over most looks but I can't get over awkward colors, huge offset, or those extra dimple
  5. It's only a monkey on your back, if it weighs you down. I like the thrill of getting good deals, trying new things, finding old things, playing with a different set each round, a storage shed full of boxes and styrofoam, knowing I can go back to my main set any time I want, options. I'm not the hoe, I'm the pimp.
  6. What's your current set consist of? Current HC? Do you like offset? How chunky or small are you looking? If you're just starting out, you can't go wrong with the Cleveland Launcher HB full set.
  7. There's a mx-200 6 iron sitting at a goodwill not too far from me. They're great clubs. Someone cut this one down to fit a kid. I'm always tempted to pick it up just to have, but then I'll want the whole set!!!
  8. I recommend you build one yourself. I built a wooden one a long time ago but moved and decided to sell it but I always took great pride in it.
  9. Those mid-2000's Titleist are some of the best made. 735, 755,775. I still own a set of 775 and they just flat out get up in the air with no trouble. I just never liked the red accent on the 755.
  10. City, State: Columbia, SC Handicap: 12ish What wedge loft? 52,56, 60 is my current usage but would like to use a 50 Current wedges? Titleist Vokey Oil Can Current iron set? AP2 Do you agree to be part of a GolfWRX member review thread for Cleveland Golf CBX wedges and add you review, photos, stories and updates? Yes
  11. That's my point, the vast majority of golfers can do it, it's just not common Yeah. I know what you mean. People are just focusing in on the word "easy". A better synonym might be attainable or accessible. If a golfer can hit a ball roughly in a general direction than a hole in one is attainable (easy), but it is not effortlessly repeatedly (easily) done.
  12. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/916819-ben-hogan-bh-sun-burst-sure-out/ Check teevons post in the thread above, Tim. I believe it was suppose to be like a GW. The same loft and length or close to a pitching wedge but a heavier head and maybe a tad upright. For shots 100 yards and in they say!
  13. It's easy to go back if you end up not liking it. Do as you please.
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