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  1. That’s how the fall events are. Nothing more than guys trying to get reshuffled into the rest of the season.
  2. #1/#2 on the KFT points list I would have thought their good play would roll into this event Jaeger uncharacteristically made way too many bogeys on Thursday. Just look out for those two in the fall, they’re going to be up there at some point
  3. Stephan Jaeger and Greyson Sigg gonna have a good week
  4. He used his career money exemption last year and didn’t play well. I’m assuming he’s done
  5. For all the events that we don’t get to be on TV, the tour champ should be shown on its own or at the very least in a non tape delay slot. People really do not realize what transpires over the course of the week during the tour champ. It’s a life changing week for guys like Justin Lower who had to make an up/down on the last hole on Sunday to get his first PGA tour card since turning pro 11 years ago.
  6. The storylines from last week during the KFT tour champ trump anything going on in East Lake.
  7. Those players probably don’t want to deal with the hassle of Covid restrictions. The couple players who are going over after KFT Finals most likely need all the starts they can get.
  8. There’s a couple guys who played KFT finals who are playing in this then flying all the way to Napa.
  9. Yep been out on the KFT since the start of 2019. The course after a downpour two nights ago was decent today. Not many mud balls and the course has sub air so the greens are firm. ill DM u who I work for
  10. The golf course today was relatively soft, seems like they’ve over watered it (over the last week or so). Great planning there as it’s absolutely dumping tonight and into tomorrow from Ida. Winning score should be around -20 given the soft conditions. Hoping my guy locks his card up
  11. Let’s clear this up They we’re warned for slow play so Cantlay said he was trying to do his part to speed up (hence the walking. He wasn’t trying to deliberately throw Bryson off.
  12. It’s remarkable that he would have been 25th on the money list if he was a full member. It was so tough what he did back in the fall to top 10 his way into about 5/6 events in a row before he gained his temporary membership. There’s maybe 2 guys that graduated from the KFT in 19’ that managed to make the playoffs and one of them won an event. His play was going to plateau at some point due to the number of events he had to play. Wait until the season restarts and see what happens
  13. Nope, that won’t happen. The guys 126/150 are fine. He’s not even going to KFT finals. it’s the 151/200 who really need to play well the next 3 weeks
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