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  1. A lot of pros like the greens books for approach shots as well. the Mark long greens books on the PGA give you 4 maps of the same green and supply the different colors for slopes/contours.
  2. Yeah, even sitting at 23rd and how well he’s played even back into the start of 2020 he’s worthy of a captains pick. That’s based solely on his current form too
  3. Anyone think he gets a captains pick for the Ryder Cup? Obviously as long as he stays in the same form he’s shown for the last 6/12 months
  4. Go look up his interview from I think the WGC. A reporter said he has the resemblance and Will came back with a great impression of Owen
  5. It’s been a long time since Hideki won, let alone a major with a lead of this margin. The last couple times he’s had a chance to win like the Waste Management and maybe the PGA when when JT won? He didn’t pull through I can’t see him closing it out tomorrow
  6. S/O to all the people on here getting their first dose of Willy Z.....get use to seeing him every week. He probably won’t get it done tomorrow but he didn’t back down at all today
  7. Same penalty that happened to him after they reviewed it.
  8. Willy Z has made 1.7 million on tour since September 2020.... That is absurd
  9. Great movie that I’ve seen 100 times, but I don’t ever recall a reference to suspenders
  10. Yeah he won US Jr Am and didn’t have status on any tour as of 2019. He Mondayd into a KFT event and top 10d. He played his way into status that year and finish in the top 75. 2020 he went on a huge run with some of the best golf that hasn’t been talked about enough. i caddie out on the KFT and have been in his group a couple times. The guy hits his irons so damn far. One of the weirdest things is he can’t draw his driver and can’t cut his 3wood. His work with Scott Fawcett (decade) has paid off tremendously
  11. It’s amazing that he’s even there. Trust me, the guy is feeling no pressure. If it’s late Sunday, sure but again he has nothing to lose with being there and near the top. I’m sure he wants to play well enough to get invited back next year but if not this week he’ll win on tour between now and the end of 2022.
  12. He’s playing with house $. His ball striking is as good as anyone’s out there. He’ll contend
  13. Zalatoris has absolutely nothing to lose this weekend. He’ll be right up there He’s been one of the hottest players in the world since September
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