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  1. I loop on the tour, come check these guys out they’re really really good
  2. Eh, not quite. But I don’t even care about this, it’s the armlock that’s needs to go and will be at some point in the future
  3. We play Korn ferry at Texas rangers gc in April
  4. Pretty sure the tour just banks that money. Some will go to cover final stage costs for that purse but the tour has plenty of money to cover what they’re putting out. They even raised q school prices this year for players which is a pretty poor thing to do to these guys
  5. More often than not it was happening. Mathew Wolffs caddie (Nick Heinen) was the worst I’ve seen in 2019. I think there was a stretch of him getting invites like 7 weeks straight. There was enough uproar on Twitter that the KFT took away what was going to be his 8th invite and at that point he had quit playing. He did nothing with the invites as well so made it even worse.
  6. Think it’s been mostly with the driver. Luke is a really good guy so it’s great to see him getting it back
  7. I think from the viewpoint of the sponsors, they’re trying to recoup some or most of the money that they’ve put into the event. This was the easiest way to get some of it back.
  8. What’s his name
  9. If you get through 2nd stage it means that you’re a member of the KFT. This really only means that you’re eligible for reshuffles during the season if you were to monday qualify. At final stage only the top 40 players get guaranteed starts. The winner gets into all events, 2nd through 12 get 12 starts and 12 through 40th get 8 starts. So there’s still a lot of golf left for these guys to be guaranteed any events next season
  10. I’m all for it. There’s quite a few guys who have sponsors with deep pockets who are paying 20k for a spot in an event. These same players and their sponsors could definitely take advantage of the system with tournament directors who oversee multiple events.
  11. Trunk. He was a friend of my player so happy to try and help out. Some surprising names missing out on status next year. Not surprised to see MJ Daffue up there. He’s got a pretty negative rep from what I’ve heard but he’s a guy who could get a card after a year on the KFT.
  12. Just finished caddying it. Hot as hell down here and wasn’t much wind. Conditions were kinda meh but a couple of the par 5s were no joke.
  13. Hayden Buckley with back to back top 6 finishes. I like his chances in Bermuda to potentially get the W
  14. They have to win a medal to be exempt
  15. 12 guys shot 64 in the Monday and didn’t get in that is brutal
  16. He’s posted workout videos on his Instagram today. He probably wants some time off after the RC
  17. Willy Z already has a good experienced guy on the bag.
  18. Only exception is typically if you’re traveling to play in Asia as the airfare is pretty steep
  19. Caddies pay for everything on their own based off the salary their player pays them. That salary is meant to cover all their expenses for the week.
  20. I had to do some convincing but they’re good dudes and understood the opportunity it would be for me
  21. The head pro had told our caddie master that the player needed a guy. There were 3 of us in the running and the other 2 knew I wanted to get out on the pro level on a permanent basis. So, they were good enough to let me have it for the week.
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