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  1. Signed up This great bag would protect my Adidas Crossknit 2.0 Thank you Vessel
  2. My 12 y/o and I followed Brooke's group on the front 9 yesterday (then parked at the 18th green), and all 18 today. It was our first live golf event and pretty surreal being feet away from watching so much great talent. I must say that it's much more nerve wracking hoping a putt drops on the scene than on TV. We were so excited for her to get the win. An amazing experience and will be back again next year!
  3. [quote name='J.W.' timestamp='1434261008' post='11747804'] [quote name='knock it close' timestamp='1434241349' post='11746570'] [quote name='Sidetracked' timestamp='1434213535' post='11744756'] [quote name='J.W.' timestamp='1434212306' post='11744658'] I haven't gotten to see these topics fast enough but they look awesome and the finish is much better by all accounts. [/quote] Do you know if they are coming out with any new stuff other than irons JW? [/quote]I'm sure JW knows more but I haven't heard of anything else. [/quote] Yes-- there is a new G iron replacement that looks pretty slick. I've heard it is LONG... and I mean crazy LONG and forgiving... which is their goal with that target audience. The guy that I heard that from is a realist and an engineer so he won't make claims like that unless it truly does what he says it does... and he was just raving to me about how long this club was for the loft. LONG, HIGH, SOFT and FORGIVING... what every golfer wants... right? I won't leak the name of it unless someone else does it first but I'm pretty sure its a G series iron replacement... and its NOT called the G35. I liked the look of it so much I am going to order myself a #2/3/4 utility/driving iron to just whoop on from the tee... Lol. New wedge... Glide wedge with the Eye2 sole... definitely gonna be grabbing a 60 in that one just to tinker with... Everything I saw looked very good... PING still on their game at least. A couple major OEM's have released stuff that I thought was just average and not even worth releasing against their older line of stuff. This whole mid-summer release I think will do very well for them. Excited to get my iE1 fitting components especially coming with several nice stock shafts and no more complaining about CFS being the stock shaft even though its a great shaft in my opinion. I ordered a couple sets just for the wall with different stock shafts. Anyway I think people will be excited when they see this stuff. [/quote] I was in a pretty large independent store in the area last week and they had the Karstens marked down by over $100...curious if the GMAX is a replacement. Curiously, a public patent was just approved for publication for GMAX on 6/11/2015: http://www.trademarkia.com/ping-gmax-86606104.html
  4. I downloaded and like the app. Would be nice to filter the Golf Feed and Matches tab by distance (drop down ranges) and to order as most recent.
  5. Yes! I watch the Golf Channel daily and other programming when I catch it. Also have the Tivo set to auto record LPGA
  6. Yes Please, Size 44!! [b] ECCO Mens BIOM Hybrid 2[/b] [color=#313131][b] DETAILS[/b] [url="http://us.shop.ecco.com/golf-men-most-popular/ecco-mens-biom-hybrid-2-0737429828822.html"]http://us.shop.ecco....7429828822.html[/url] [size=1]151514-59015 [/size][size=1]CONCRETE/ROYAL [/size][size=1]Ultimate Runners Yak/Outsole[/size][/color]
  7. [b] YOUR OPTIMUM SEEMORE PUTTER CONFIGURATION[/b] Length: 36 inches Lie: 72 degrees Fee Tec Oversize Blue Grip Giant FGP Headcover
  8. Could you please change my username to HandSolo Thank you.
  9. I ordered one for my son TG weekend and received it within 7-10 days, shipped direct via FedEX from the Ping factory. Tried it out and it's amazing! Mine will be here Saturday I ordered both thru http://shop.golfusa.com/ and they were able to custom order to my specs at no additional charge. Great people and very responsive.
  10. Thank you for the reply. I'm going with the CB version so I can utilize the longer grip, w/ 5 degrees loft. Also called Ping CS to ask a few questions as well and they were quick to answer and very helpful.
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