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  1. I have the 818 H1, and it kind of is a blend of a hybrid and a wood. Really like it so far. Launches easily and can still knock it down.
  2. Chiming in here. Yesterday I got to hit Mavrik SZ, Sim, and Sim Max on trackman. Initially the Mavrik jumped out to me and I really loved the feel/sound and was getting great results. After tinkering with the Sim, though, I got my fastest ball speeds I've ever seen. Not only was it jumping off the face, but I was getting consistent flight with a really tight dispersion. Interesting to hear some people knocking the sound of the Sim. I will say, when we initially were hitting it on trackman, it sounded incredible. Deep, muted, and really solid. But after, I went to 2nd swing here in Minneapolis
  3. Anyone try these out, yet? The legends look legit, but they’re pricey, for sure.
  4. Yep. It convinced me I could hit this knockdown shot into a stiff breeze and instead I took a pile of earth and put these scuffs on the crown. It wasn’t until the day after that I really grasped the situation...??
  5. Trying to move some stuff for an upcoming Vegas trip. Prices include shipping. Graphite Design ADDI 6s w/ Cobra Tip $old OBO (Play’s 44.5” with Cobra Ltd head) Graphite Design ADDI 85x w/ PXG Tip $150 OBO (4 Hybrid) PXG 0317 22* Head Only $150 OBO (Few scuffs on crown - Thanks, booze) Ecco Lux 11.5w $150 OBO (Worn less than 10 times) EvnRoll ER2 34” $old (Used for 2 seasons. Comes with original headcover)
  6. OP, I did a Pinehurst trip about 2-3 years back and am in the process of helping put one together for Nov. 2020. All of the courses already listed are the definite musts of the area: Mid Pines, Pine Needles, Tobacco Road, Dormie, #2, and #4. This is verbatim our tentative itinerary for next year. When we went last time, we got an airbnb in Southern Pines and it's exactly where I'd go again. Pinehurst village is cool and everything, but there's not much going on later in the evening. We were right up the road from the Bell Tree Tavern, which became our second home. The thing about #2 is that to
  7. Your bag tells me you play. Between the 43.5" driver (for accuracy, of course) and the 3 wood to MP60 3 iron transition, I wouldn't play you for money. You also keep the 4* gapping from PW through your 3 wedges, so distance control isn't an issue for you. Considering most of your bag is 5+ years old, you've found what you like and you have everything grooved. Close? Here's mine: Driver - Cobra F8 10.5* w/ Fujikura Motore Speeder 7.3 TS X FW - Titleist TS2 18* w/ HZRDUS Smoke 6.5 (Turned down to 17*) Hybrid - PXG 0317 22* w/ ADDI 85X Irons - Titleist 718 AP2 4-PW w/ KBS $-Taper Wedges - Miz
  8. Giving this one a bump. I've been watching a few too many TXG videos lately and it's making me want to go through an extensive fitting like they offer. My issue is is that I've been fit at 3 different spots in town through the years and none have ever been as thorough or in depth as what they do. I know everyone says Totally Driven is the place to go, but I'm worried about shaft selections for woods. I talked to a guy there the other day and he said that they have a good selection of shafts, but when I rattled off a couple to make sure they had them, he said they didn't because they never fit
  9. Sound and feel are huge for me when picking a driver, and I can't stand the Epic or the G410. I dig the F9, but the 2 mph ball speed pick up over my F8 wasn't worth the coin. The TS series was a huge step forward imo to get Titleist drivers back where they should be, but I didn't gain anything over my current set up. The M5 was similar for me to the F9. Picked up a few mph, but not worth the cost. If I was struggling with the driver I'd probably be more privy to changing it up, but the driver's been very reliable this season, so why mess with a good thing?
  10. I typically love Titleist fairways and hybrids, but the 818's didn't really do it for me. Been playing a PXG 0317 (Gen 1) that I got a deal on and I have been extremely happy with it. The look is perfect for me and it launches incredibly easy with a great feel/sound.
  11. I'm on my second set of Mizuno MP-T5's in 52/56/60. You can score them on eBay in the plastic on the cheap. The head shape and grind is just perfect for me, and I really dig the satin finish.
  12. I guess my one thought is: how frugal is your group trying to be? I agree with others here that you should definitely stay at Sand Valley. The property is really cool and then you guys could do some late rounds at the Sandbox or even just chipping/putting outside your rooms. That being said, it isn't exactly cheap. Same with Kohler. Are you guys doing a stay and play? It isn't cheap either, but they make it somewhat reasonable if you're trying to do 36 a day. River-Meadows is a good day of 36 at the same property and it's a full day of carts. With their packages, your carts will be covered and
  13. Down by The Wilds is also The Legends or even The Meadows at Mystic Lake. Legends is a super solid course and The Meadows is a sleeper. Usually has a good amount of openings on the tee sheet. It's a casino course that sometimes feels a little gimmicky and fabricated, but it requires a lot of good shots and is always in really great condition. I think the twilight rate is like $75 with a cart? And that includes range balls and probably the nicest carts I've ever been in. Food for thought.
  14. To answer your question, yes, Whistling is that good. It's a tough pill to swallow to play it at the rack rate, but isn't the twilight rate right around $200? Still a hefty price tag, but absolutely worth it, especially right before next years Ryder Cup. If you take out Kohler altogether, I think your itinerary looks solid. My 2 cents: Friday - Lawsonia Saturday - Sand Valley/Sandbox Sunday - Mammoth/Sandbox Monday - Sentryworld Tuesday - Erin Hills I think Sentryworld would be a nice palate cleanse after a few days at SV. Also a day with carts will be clutch at that point. That being sa
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