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  1. Very happy to see him back winning again. When his game's on song he's a glorious player to watch.
  2. At current government expenditure rate Saudi needs $100 a barrel to break even. And that's before the massive pension surge that's surge coming when all the people born in the oil boom times of the 60s and early 70s reach reach retirement. At $60 a barrel the country is hemorrhaging money.
  3. Funny you should mention him. I'm currently moving house,and sorting through stuff today I came across a Ledbetter boxed DVD set. It hasn't seen the light of day for a good few years because the last one I watched, on the short game, somehow induced a shank into my shot repertoire that took me fully 18 months to get rid of. And even now, I'm thinking I shouldn't be talking about it. Pure poison...
  4. A league would be dull as ditch water to watch (and to play in) One of the great things about golf is that the unexpected can always happen and anyone on their day can play a blinder. The format of a league could only have been dreamed up by someone who's never stood up on the first tee with hope in their heart....
  5. It's been coming for a long time. Never mind Reed's character, it's irrelevant here. Golf isn't a long distance spectator sport, players are frequently closely surrounded by fans while they're playing, and it's not right that they should have to endure personal abuse. Organizers and officials have been far too lax for far too long with louts and idiots who are bringing the manners of the stadium spectator to the golf course. Unless something is done to weed these people out it won't be too long before golf spectators find themselves watching the game corralled behind barriers, 50 yards from
  6. There's another point here. By being such a cheapskate Kuchar has done serious damage to the image of golf,and the professional game in particular.
  7. I can't get into the minds of people like Kuchar. At at insignificant cost to himself he has the opportunity to make somebody who has helped him fantastically happy. Does he? No. Instead he nickel and dimes the guy. It's a kind of mental illness.
  8. Not really idiotic. Phil relies on being able to play his clever escape shots from trouble, and that wasn't an option in France. He said it was a waste of his time. And it was. He couldn't play the course as it was set up.
  9. And there's the problem. Shouting 'fore' is pointless if half the people have no idea what it means. They need to come up with some other more universally recognized danger signal.
  10. I think your point is a good one, and I don't disagree with it. What someone is going to say about risk mitigation is that a seatbelt might not save your life in a 100mph car crash but you put it on anyway. Could it be seen as negligent if a ball was knowingly hit towards a crowd of people and there was nothing done (even in vain) to alert them? If you hit it towards a crowd and just pick up your tee peg because it's far away or noisy that might not be good enough in a French court. Right, so now we're basically saying "He should have yelled even if it made no difference because legally
  11. Standing down range and having people drive golf balls in your direction is hazardous enough. But it almost certainly becomes even more dangerous when the people down range probably don't know what's going on. A shout of 'Fore!' would have anyone who plays the game themselves ducking and covering in an instant, but a Frenchwoman who's flown in from Egypt to watch the spectacle and who in all likelihood has never set foot on a golf course in her life before probably just stood there looking back at the tee wondering what it meant. I read in the newspaper today she's claiming that there was no
  12. .. would you pick? My pick would be Charley Hoffman. He has problems sustaining over 72 holes, but over 18 he can play up a storm and seems like a people's person. Just what you need for the format.
  13. On another forum I commented at the time that Sergio's game has always been very much affected by what's going on between his ears, and that this season his mind seemed to have more on his domestic and home life than it was on the Tour. But - his mind would be fully focused for the Ryder Cup and a series of 18 hole matches and that Bjorn had it right.
  14. As a European supporter, Webb Simpson was a worry. Someone who putts as well as he does can just destroy you in match play.
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