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  1. No word of a lie, he really does this and does it really well. But soon as he is on the course, it literally looks like a different swing. It's not like it's the same swing and the ball just isn't behaving. It's not as bad as Charles Barkley, but it is night and day. It doesn't remotely look like Faldoesque motion on the range. Everyone is at a loss. Re psychologist, money is a rather big factor. On the back of the promise he shows on the range, we get free balls and free afternoon access to the course. But yes, if this were possible, I would totally do it.
  2. My son is 14 and by consensus of peers, local pro etc absolutely flushes it on the range. But he is a complete mess EVERY time he goes on the course. This includes practice rounds and low level competitive rounds. His peers who hangs with him on the range cant believe the 89, 95 type numbers he brings back. I deliberately don't watch him tee off or follow him around for fear of bringing him unnecessary pressure. But I have watched him from distance. His motion looks like that of a completely different person. Advice?
  3. Sorry guys, but been a reading member for a long time, but rarely post. So I'm not upto date with how to quote multiple posts. Plus I'm on an iPhone. Re loss of speed. This part I get. Maybe I should have explained myself better. Knowing that I will lose speed, I still want to achieve the same ball flight characteristics with an one inch shorter 5 iron compared to my regular 5 iron. What can I do? There's a formula that goes something like force = mass * acceleration right? Isn't this partly why a hybrid with the same loft and length will travel higher and further than an equivalent iron?
  4. If you want a club that will not lose speed from being cut down all else being equal, that is beyond the laws of physics (but maybe not reality). If you want to just make a hotter club an inch shorter than a club that isn't as hot that is obviously possible, and is very simple. Get a hot iron and cut an inch off it. So there's nothing I can do to the shaft and head to offset the loss of speed? Does this mean that present day irons are fully optimized for their length?
  5. The OEMs have done it to some irons haven't they? Is there simply a lack of demand issue? Or is it a limitation of physics issue? If the latter, I would love a clubmaker to do it as a one off for me. Incidentally, my friend who is a club designer in Asia seems to think that it's too specific a request that requires a lot of R & D which won't be recouped by the majors from sales. That they have a good thing going. Why spend the cash on some esoteric idea that may or may not interest people? Interestingly he said that the steel shafts necessary (for the majority) is the largest R & D
  6. Wacky wombat How is the flight and gapping between your 5,6 and 7 irons? Thank you.
  7. I am working off the assumption that there may be something that can be done to make up for the loss of speed with (a combination of) the following:- - Hotter face. - Moving CG further back. - Higher launching shaft. - More mass via tungsten. In essence I know I can achieve what I'm after with a 1 inch shorter hybrid. But I would like to either make an iron version myself or have someone make this iron for me. I have hit clubs like the T-MB and P-790. They go so much further than traditional similarly lofted clubs. Hence I thought I might be able to achieve my goal. Or am I attempting
  8. Is it a lack of demand? Or is it a technical/physics and cost prohibition? But why can't a club manufacturer/maker build a one inch shorter 5 iron that will perform the same as one that is regular lengthed (1 inch longer)? Especially given the plethora of super performing irons that pervades the market nowadays. All suggestions for a DIY solution or a club maker that can accomplish my goal are welcome. Thanks all.
  9. 2 inches off these shafts will really alter the performance. Just trying to get the 2 shafts to perform the same.
  10. My son recently took a liking to the amp cell driver. He's absolutely killing the 41" junior shaft. Now he's got me looking for the 39" junior shaft so that I might insert into my amp cell 3 wood for him and create a set. Does anyone know where I am might be able to buy one? Cobra won't even bother answering. Thanks in advance.
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