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  1. The Gorman facility closed when they were offered more money for the property than the business was actually worth. It was a partnership at that time, with generational family members of the original Sabat's. Larry Sabat did buy Tom Deaton Golf Center in Howell, MI and ran that for a while, but sadly that place too has closed. Unsure if it was due to Covid or something else? Larry was the club maker, and learned his skills through the years while working there. Mac McAnally was the pro mentioned above, and my Dad, brothers, and myself all knew the majority of the people
  2. Any interest in a 2020 Special Select Newport, 34" and "Heavy Head" model. New, plastic in bottom of head, removed from grip. Pictures available if needed.
  3. 2008 PGA at Oakland Hills, watching Padraig Harrington play the weekend -8 (66-66) to win the tournament at -3, the last year that a major has been played here in Michigan. Was the year he also won the Open Championship.
  4. Would like solid knit pom pm covers for driver, 3 wood, and 5 wood, solid black in color. Thanks for the opportunity!
  5. Fujikura Fuel 70 Regular flex cut to play at 44" with Titleist tip logo down A-1 position and black Golf Pride Tour Wrap grip. Thanks Golfwrx and Will!
  6. The M4 meritage, 34 ", 350 gram head, gun blue finish in right hand. Thanks for the opportunity.
  7. It truly is a work of art to commemorate the US versus the World. Please count me in, and thanks to Golfwrx and Bettinardi for the opportunity.
  8. Truly beautiful irons, and custom fitting, don't need any additional reasons to really want these.
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